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What’s the Difference between TO and FOR? (with Useful Examples)

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Difference between TO and FOR. TO and FOR are prepositions that are often confused. In this lesson, you will know the difference between For and To and how to use them correctly.

Difference between To and For

When to Use TO

Motive/Reason (with verb)

  • I went to the store to buy milk.

What time it is

  • It was a quarter to six when I left.


  • I shall go to London next month.


  • It’s about ten kilometers from my house to my school.


  • prefer this dress to the one you were wearing yesterday.


  • He gave the pen to his friend.

When to Use For

Motive/Reason (with noun)      

  • I went to the store for milk.

Period of time

  • The couple took the house for 2 years.


  • A win is always good for morale.

Function – with verb (-ing form)

  • She had a special talent for learning languages.

Agree with

  • Are you for or against his idea?

Doing something to help someone

  • Could you carry my case for me?

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Difference between TO and FOR