What’s the Difference between TO and FOR?

Learn the Difference between TO and FOR in English.

TO and FOR are prepositions that are often confused.

Use TO in These Cases

Motive/Reason (with verb)

  • I went to the store to buy milk.

What time it is

  • It was a quarter to six when I left.


  • I shall go to London next month.


  • It’s about ten kilometers from my house to my school.


  • prefer this dress to the one you were wearing yesterday.


  • He gave the pen to his friend.

Use FOR in These Cases

Motive/Reason (with noun)      

  • I went to the store for milk.

Period of time

  • The couple took the house for 2 years.


  • A win is always good for morale.

Function – with verb (-ing form)

  • She had a special talent for learning languages.

Agree with

  • Are you for or against his idea?

Doing something to help someone

  • Could you carry my case for me?

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Difference between TO and FOR

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