What Are the Differences Between British and American English?

Differences Between British and American English! The following lesson provides a list of differences between American and British English with ESL images.

Differences Between British and American English


crisps – chips; potato chips

crocodile clip – alligator clip

current account – checking account

dressing gown – robe; bathrobe

drink-driving – drunk driving

drinks cupboard – liquor cabinet

drinks party – cocktail party

driving licence – driver’s license

dustbin – garbage can

faith school – parochial school

ladybird – ladybug

lift – elevato

lolly – lollipop

lorry – truck

market garden – truck farm

mobile phone – cell phone

motorway – expressway; highway

mum/mummy – mom/mommy

pavement – sidewalk

pedestrian crossing – crosswalk

petrol – gas; gasoline

postbox – mailbox

potato crisp – potato chip

public school – private school

public transport – public transportation

queue – line

racing car – race car

railway – railroad

first floor – second floor

flat – apartment

football – soccer

footway – sidewalk

fringe (hair) – bangs

full stop (punctuation) – period

garden – yard; lawn

ground floor – first floor

holiday – vacation

in hospital – in the hospital

indicator (on a car)turn signal

jumper – sweater

junior school – elementary school

British vs. American English | Images

Differences Between British and American EnglishPin

Differences Between British and American EnglishPin

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