What are Interjections – And How Do You Use Them?

An interjection is an exclamatory word (or words) that shows weak, mild, or strong feeling and has no grammatical function in the construction of a sentence.

An interjection is a part of speech that shows the emotion or feeling of the author. These words or phrases can stand alone or be placed before or after a sentence. Many times an interjection is followed by a punctuation mark, often an exclamation point.





List of English Interjections and their Meaning

  • Ah!, bravo!, ahh!, hmph!, okay!, aha!, oh wow!, gosh, !, alas!: Acceptance, agreement, displeasure, relief, trust.
  • Aah!, aww!, ouch!, uh oh!, gee!z, ooh, ouf!, oof!, son of a bitch!: Fear, pain, grief, dismay, pleading, annoyance, anger.
  • Oop!s: Apology
  • Shh!, shiiip!: Silence
  • Whew!, wow!, ugh!, aw!: Amazement, surprise, confidence
  •  Yay!, yaay!, mmmm!, eh hm!, yeah!, yo!: Congratulatory, agreement
  • Een!, eh!: Insistence
  • Yippee!, hurray!: Celebration, victory, exitement
  • Uh!, um!: Pause, skeptical, agreement
  • Hm!, e!r, em!, emm!, um!: Confusion, thinking, doubt, disagreement
  • Ah!, mmmhe!, well!: Pleasure, realization, resignation, surprise
  • Eh!, uh huh!: Repetition, enquiry, surprise, inviting, agreement


  • Oh dear!, dear me!: Grief, pity
  • Hello!, hullo!, hi!, hey!: Greeting, surprise, calling attention, joy
  • Damn!, daggone!, fuck!, hell no!, shit!, bullshi!t: Unsatisfaction, anger, disgruntleness
  • Bah!, boo!, humph!, hunch!, thah!, dear me!, ah!: Contempt, sorrow
  • Goodness!, gracious!, hurrah!, hurray!, hubbahubba!, wahoo!, ach!, goody!, yippee!, boy!, crazy wow!, whiz!: Approval, enthusiasm, joy, delight, pleasure
  • Aargh!, bah!, pah!, phew!,pish!, ish!, shot!, ugh!, eeeek!, oh no!: Disgust, fear
  • Lord!, merde!, hell no!, lordy!, shit!: Irritation
  • Whaw!, whoof!, hmph!: Relief
  • Ah!, alack!, boy!, dear me!, the devil!, goodness!, gosh!, gracious!, ha, heigh!, hey!, ho!, hello!, hoo-ha!, huh!, humph!, indeed!, mercy!, oho!, well!: General surprise format
  • Ooh!, ouch!, aah!, eh!, hmph!, ah ha!, oops!, aih!: Pain, disagreement, displeasure, disgust
  • Mm!, wow!, whew!, yes!, sure!, sure!, bingo!, aww!: Acceptance, agreement, victory




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What are Interjections – And How Do You Use Them?

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