WH Question Words in English: Who, What, When, Where, Why …

We use Question Words to form questions and ask for information. 

A “wh-” question is one that is formed with an interrogative word and that expects an answer other than yes or no.

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List of Question Words

  • Whatask for information about things, name, occupations, activities,…

– What is this? It is a book.

– What is your name? My name is Emily.

– What do you do? I am a doctor.

– What kind of movies do you live? I like action films.

– What time did you study English? At 9.30.

  • Whenask about the time that something happened or will happen

– When does the plane leave? It leaves at 10pm.

  • Whereask questions about place or position

– Where do you live? I live in London.

  • Whichask for information about one of a limited number of things

– Which one do you prefer? The blue one.

  • Who – ask about someone’s identity

– Who is the director of the school? He is Carlos Samaniego.

  • Whom – ask about the object (person) in the sentence

– Whom did you meet? I met my teacher.

  • Whose – ask about possession

– Whose dog is barking outside? It’s Peter’s dog.

  • Why – ask for the reason

– Why do you study English? Because I like English.

  • How – ask about the way in which something is done

– How many brothers do you have? I have two brothers.

– How much is this shirt? It’s 15$.

– How long do you want to stay in this hotel? I think one week is enough.

– How often do you go to the cinema? Twice a month.

– How far is your office? It’s about 2km far.

– How old is she? She is 25.

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