Vocabulary: Adjectives for Describing Food

Learn List of English Adjectives for Describing Food.

In English, there are many specific words to describe how foods taste.

Adjectives for Describing Food in English

List of Adjectives for Describing Food

  • acidvery sour
  • acidicfoods that taste sharp or contain a lot of acid
  • astringentan astringent taste is one that is strong and bitter
  • bittersomething that is bitter has a strong sharp taste that is not sweet
  • bitter-sweettasting bitter and sweet at the same time
  • brackishbrackish water has a slight taste of salt and is therefore not pure
  • chocolateychocolatey food has a lot of chocolate in it, or tastes like chocolate
  • creamysoft, smooth foods that contain cream, or taste as if they do
  • crumblyfood that crumbles to the touch, and breaks easily when you try to eat it
  • crunchy: food that is crisp and easily breakable
  • fieryfood that is fiery makes your mouth feel very hot when you eat it
  • flavouredtasting a particular way or of a particular thing
  • greasyfood that has been fried in oil
  • hothot food contains a lot of spices that create a burning feeling in your mouth
  • juicyfood that contains a lot of juice
  • maturemature cheese, wine, etc. has been left to develop a pleasant strong flavour
  • mildmild food does not have a strong taste
  • mushyfood that is very soft
  • ripe: ripe cheese or wine has a strong flavour
  • robustrobust food or drink has a lot of flavour
  • savourytasting of salt or spices and not sweet
  • seasonedcontaining seasonings to improve flavour
  • sharpfood that is sharp has a strong and bitter flavour
  • sourwith a taste like a lemon
  • spicyspicy food has a strong hot flavour
  • sweet-and-soursweet-and-sour food contains both sweet and sour flavours
  • sweetisha sweetish taste or smell is slightly sweet
  • syrupythick, sweet, and sticky
  • tarttart food or drinks have a slightly sour taste
  • unsalted: not flavoured with salt
  • waterypale, or not strong

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Adjectives for Describing Food

Vocabulary: Adjectives for Describing Food 1

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Antonio Lopes Mouta
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Good job! Extremely helpful!

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helpful i made bloxburg

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It didn’t mention more adjectives!!!

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It didn’t mention more adjectives!!! But fine.

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