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20 Helpful English Collocations: Verbs Followed by Prepositions

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Verbs followed by prepositions are a common feature of the English language, and they are essential for expressing various ideas and concepts accurately and effectively. These combinations of verbs and prepositions are called “verb-preposition collocations” and they are used to indicate the relationship between the verb and the object or noun that follows it. Some common verb-preposition collocations include “depend on,” “believe in,” “look for,” “wait for,” and “apologize for.” In this article, we learn some of the most common verb-preposition collocations and provide examples of how they are used in context.

Verbs Followed by Prepositions

  • Accuse someone of (doing) something

E.g. His mother accused him of eating the entire cake.

  • Agree with (someone)

E.g. Matt does not agree with my answer.

  • Apologize for something/ someone

E.g. Jackson apologized for his rude behavior.

  • Applogize for

E.g. I want to applogize for my mistakes.

  • Believe in (something)

E.g. John believes in oat bran.

  • Blame someone for (doing) something

E.g. I blame Janet for the broken pottery.

  • Borrow (something) from (someone)

E.g. Can I borrow a hammer from you?

  • Care for (doing) something / someone

E.g. He doesn’t care for playing golf.

  • Complain to (someone)/ about (something)

E.g. You are always complaining about me.

  • Compare (something) towith (something else)

E.g. Let’s compare the virtues of savings accounts with investing in bonds.

  • Depend on someone / (doing) something

E.g. We depend on our customers’ suggestions.

  • Dream about (doing) something

E.g. Mark dreams about becoming a ballet dancer.

  • Implicate someone in (doing) something

E.g. The boss implicated Peter in the crime.

  • Invite (someone) to (an event)

E.g. She invited herself to this affair.

  • Protest against (doing) something

E.g. The students are protesting against the invasion.

  • Remind someone of (doing) something / someone

E.g. Peter reminded me of Tom.

  • Search for (something)

E.g. Detectives carried out a thorough search of the building.

  • Take care of (something/someone)

E.g. Who’staking care of the children while you’re away?

  • Wait for (someone/something)

Wait for me!

  • Subtract (something) from (something else)

E.g. If you subtract from 9, you get 3.

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Verbs Followed by Prepositions



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