Verbs Followed by Gerunds

The gerund is commonly used after quite a few different verbs.

  • admit    

He admitted stealing the money.

  • advise  

She advised waiting until tomorrow.

  • anticipate            

I anticipate having a good time on vacation.

  • acknowledge    

She acknowledged receiving assistance.

  • appreciate          

I appreciate having a trouble with his supervisor.

  • avoid     

He avoided answering my question.

  • bear       

I can't bear waiting in long lines.

  • begin    

It began raining.

  • complete             

I finally completed writing my term paper.

  • consider               

I will consider going with you.

  • defer     

She deferred writing my thesis.

  • delay    

He delayed leaving for school.

  • deny      

She denied committing the crime.

  • discuss  

They discussed opening a new business.

  • dislike  

I dislike driving long distance.

  • enjoy    

We enjoyed visiting them.

  • entail    

This review procedure entails repeating the test.

  • finish    

She finished studying about ten.

  • forget   

I'll never forget visiting them.

  • hate       

I hate making silly mistakes.

  • intend  

I hear they intend marrying.

  • involve

This procedure involves testing each sample twice.

  • justify  

My results justify taking drastic action.

  • keep      

I keep hoping he will come.

  • like        

I like going to movies.

  • love       

I love going to operas.

  • mention              

She mentioned going to a movie.

  • mind      

Would you mind helping me with this.

  • miss       

I miss being with my family.

  • postpone            

Let's postpone leaving until tomorrow.

  • practice                

The athlete practiced throwing the ball.

  • prefer  

Ann prefers talking to driving to work.

  • quit        

He quits trying to solve the problem.

  • recall    

I don't recall meeting him before.

  • recollect               

I don't recollect meeting him before.

  • recommend      

She recommended seeing the show.

  • regret   

I regret telling him my secret.

  • resent  

I resent her interfering in my business.

  • resist     

I couldn't resist eating the dessert.

  • risk         

She risks losing all of her money.

  • sanction               

They will not sanction copying without permission.

  • start        

He started tipping the pea pods into a pan.

  • stop       

She stopped going to classes when she got sick.

  • suggest                

She suggested going to a movie.

  • tolerate                

She won't tolerate cheating during an examination.

  • try          

I tried changing the light bulb, but the lamp still didn't work.

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Verbs Followed by Gerunds

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