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Vegetables Vocabulary in English

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Vegetables are certain parts of plants that are consumed by humans as food as part of a savory meal …In this lesson, you will learn vegetables vocabulary in English.

Vegetables Vocabulary in English

This is list of vegetables you need to know.

  • Mushroom – one of several kinds of fungus with stems and round tops, some of which can be eaten
  • Broccoli – a green vegetable that has short branch-like stems
  • Cucumber – a long thin round vegetable with a dark green skin and a light green inside, usually eaten raw
  • Carrot – long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground
  • Tomato – a round soft red fruit eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable
  • Potato – a round white vegetable with a brown, red, or pale yellow skin, that grows under the ground
  • Radish – a small vegetable whose red or white root is eaten raw and has a strong spicy taste
  • Turnip – a large round pale yellow vegetable that grows under the ground, or the plant that produces it
  • Eggplant – a large vegetable with smooth purple skin
  • Spinach – a vegetable with large dark green leaves
  • Pea – a round green seed that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable, or the plant on which these seeds grow
  • Cabbage – large round vegetable with thick green or purple leaves
  • Pumpkin – very large orange fruit that grows on the ground, or the inside of this fruit
  • Lettuce – a round vegetable with thin green leaves eaten raw in salads

Vegetables Vocabulary | Pictures

Vegetables Vocabulary in English

Vegetables Vocabulary in English 1


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