Useful Phrasal Verbs in English: SLEEP

Learn useful phrasal verbs related to sleep.

Phrasal Verbs Related to SLEEP

List of Common SLEEP phrasal verbs with meaning and examples in English

1. wake up – stop sleeping, or make someone stop sleeping

E.g: James usually wakes up early.

2. get up – get out of your bed after sleeping, or make someone get out of their bed

E.g: We didn’t get up until lunchtime.

3. lie down – rest on your back

E.g: Towards evening she grew tired, and went to her room for a lie down.

4. sleep in – let yourself sleep later than usual in the morning

E.g: We usually sleep in on Sunday mornings.

5. drop off – begin to sleep

E.g: She kept dropping off at her desk.

6. sleep over – sleep at someone’s house for a night – used especially by children

E.g: Is it okay if I sleep over at Sam’s house tomorrow night?

7. lie in – remain in bed in the morning for longer than usual

E.g: The family had a lie-in on Saturdays.

8. stay up – not go to bed at the time you would normally go to bed

E.g: We stayed up all night talking.

9. go off – go to sleep

E.g: I’d just gone off to sleep when the phone rang.

10. doze off – go to sleep, especially when you did not intend to

E.g: Sorry, I must have dozed off for a few minutes.

11. nod off – begin to sleep, usually when you do not intend to and are sitting somewhere

E.g: I missed the movie because I kept nodding off.

12. sleep through

– sleep while something is happening and not be woken by it

E.g: How did you manage to sleep through that thunderstorm?

– sleep continuously for a long time

E.g: I slept right through till lunchtime.

13. sleep (something) off – sleep until you do not feel ill anymore, especially after drinking too much alcohol

E.g: He went to his room to sleep it off.

14. sleep on it – delay making a decision until the following day

E.g: Sleep on it and we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?

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