Useful Expressions to Use In Group Discussions and Conversations in English

Expressions to use in group discussions in English! How do I complete a conversation or a group discussion from the beginning to the end?

Useful Expressions to Use In Group Discussions

1. When you start saying something / contributing to a conversation

  • First of all, I would like to say/state that…
  • To begin with, I…
  • In the first line, I…

2. What can you say instead of “I think”  

  • I would say/think,…
  • In my opinion,…
  • To my mind,…
  • I am of the opinion that,…
  • I hold the opinion that,…

3. When you want to stress your “personal opinion”:

  • Personally I think,…
  • As far as I am concerned,…
  • As for me,…
  • As I take it,…
  • As far as I can see,…

4. When you “agree” or when you “don’t agree”:

  • I entirely/quite agree with you.
  • I agree to (with) her plan.
  • I am of the same opinion.
  • I differ from/with you entirely.
  • I disagree with you: I am sure you’re mistaken.
  • I stick to my opinion.
  • Let’s agree to differ!

5. When you want to say the “opposite” of what someone else said:

  • On the contrary! quite the contrary! just the opposite!
  • That is the very opposite of what I said.
  • That is quite contrary to what I said.
  • I maintain the contrary.
  • In contrast to what you said, I maintain that…

6. When you are “quite sure” of something:

  • Of course!
  • That goes without saying
  • It goes without saying that
  • I contend/maintain that…
  • It’s my conviction that…

7. When you want to “ask a question”:

  • May I interrupt you?
  • There arises the question/point whether/if
  • This question raises the whole issue.

8. When you “haven’t understood”:

  • I beg your pardon./ Pardon?
  • Could you repeat what you’ve just said? But slower, please./
  • Could you slow down a bit?

9. If you should want to “correct a mistake”:

  • Excuse me (for interrupting) you should have said:”…”

10. When you want to distinguish one aspect from the other:

  • On the one hand – on the other hand
  • In general – in particular
  • Generally speaking
  • On the whole
  • Taken as a whole
  • At first sight – on second thoughts

11. When you want to “add” something:

  • In addition
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Finally

12. When you want to “emphasize” something:

  • I would like to lay (put) emphasis (stress) on the fact that…
  • I just want to point out that

13. When you want to “say the truth”:

  • To be frank (with you)
  • Frankly (speaking)
  • To say the truth

14. And if you are “not sure”:

  • I don’t know exactly.
  • I don’t know for certain.

Useful Expressions to Use In Group Discussions | Image

Useful Expressions to Use In Group DiscussionsPin

Useful Expressions to Use In Group DiscussionsPin

Useful Expressions to Use In Group DiscussionsPin

Useful Expressions to Use In Group DiscussionsPin

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