Useful English Phrases for Staying at a Hotel

Phrases for staying at a hotel! Useful expressions you may wish to ask while you are staying at the hotel, as well as some phrases to help you deal with any problems.

Learn more about useful phrases you will hear at the airport.

English Phrases for Staying at a Hotel

10 Questions You Might Hear

  1. Do you have a reservation?
  2. May I have your name, please?
  3. How long will you be staying?
  4. Could I see your I.D., please?
  5. How many guests are with you?
  6. Could you please fill out this form?
  7. Do you need help with your bags?
  8. Do you need a wake-up call?
  9. Are you familiar with [Vancouver]?
  10. Is there anything else we can help you with?

10 Statements You Might Hear

  1. I’m sorry, we don’t have any rooms available.
  2. Your room is on the second floor.
  3. Your room number is (901).
  4. Sorry, pets are not allowed.
  5. Sorry, smoking is not allowed.
  6. Please sign your name here.
  7. Here is your key.
  8. There is a restaurant on the ground floor.
  9. More fresh towels are available at the front desk.
  10. Thank you for staying with us!

Visitors At The Front Desk

  1. I’d like a room for 2 nights, please?
  2. Can I see the room, please?
  3. Do you have a room with a bath?
  4. What time is breakfast?
  5. Where’s the restaurant?
  6. What time is check out?
  7. Are there any laundry facilities?

10 Questions You Might Ask

  1. Do you have any rooms available for (the seventeenth of April)?
  2. Is breakfast included?
  3. Does the room have air-conditioning?
  4. When can I check-in?
  5. Can I see the room, please?
  6. Can someone help me with my bags?
  7. Could I have a wake-up call at (seven o’clock), please?
  8. Is there an airport shuttle bus?
  9. When is check-out time?
  10. Could we please check-out a little late, at (one o’clock)?

10 Statements You Might Say

  1. I’d like to book a room, please.
  2. I’d like a single room, please.
  3. I’d like a double room, please.
  4. The room is too noisy.
  5. I would like to change my room.
  6. We need (housekeeping service), please.
  7. We’d like to stay for an extra day.
  8. I’ve lost my room key.
  9. We’re checking out now.
  10. We really enjoyed our stay.


  • Can I have another room please, this one is […]

[Not clean/ too noisy/ very small]

The [air conditioner/ shower/ television]

  • I’ve lost room key.

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