Top 30+ Easily Confused Words in English

Learn Commonly Confused Words. Many English learners are confused about words that sound and look alike.

Confused Words in English

  • bough – bow

bough: branch of a tree

bow: front of a ship or to bend the head

  • brake – break

brake: device for stopping something

break: pause or separate into pieces

  • breach – breech

breach: break through of break a rule

breech: back part of a gun barrel

  • broach – brooch

broach: raise a subject for discussion

brooch: piece of jewellery

  • canvas – canvass

canvas: strong type of cloth

canvass: seek someone’s vote

  • censure – censor

censure: strongly criticise

censor: ban something or someone who does

  • cereal – serial

cereal: breakfast food or edible grain

serial: happening in a series

  • chord – cord

chord: group or musical notes

cord: length of string

  • climactic – climatic

climactic: creating a climax

climatic: relating to the climate

  • coarse – course

coarse: rough or uneven

course: direction, school subject, part of meal

  • draught – draft

– draught: current of air

– draft: first version of a piece of writing

  • draw – drawer

– draw: even score at the end of a game

– drawer: sliding storage compartment

  • dual – duel

 dual: having two parts

– duel: contest between two participants

  • elicit – illicit

 elicit: draw out a reply or reaction

– illicit: not allowed by law or against rules

  • ensure – insure

– ensure: make certain something happens

– insure: pre-arrange to get compensation

  • envelop – envelope

– envelop: cover or surround something

– envelope: paper container for a letter

  • exercise – exorcise

– exercise: physical activity

– exorcise: drive out an evil spirit

  • fawn – faun

– fawn: young deer or light brown colour

 faun: mythical part man part goat being

  • flaunt – flout

– flaunt: display ostentatiously

 flout: disregard a rule or law

  • forbear – forebear

– forbear: refrain from something

– forebear: ancestor

  • complacent – complaisant

– complacent: smug or self-satisfied

– complaisant: willing to please

  • complement – compliment

– complement: something added that improves

– compliment: express approval or admiring remark

  • council – counsel

 council: group that manages or advises

– counsel: advice or to advise

  • cue – queue

– cue: signal to act or a wooden rod

– queue: row of people or vehicles

  • curb – kerb

– curb: limit or keep something in check

 kerb: stone edge of pavement

  • currant – current

– currant: dried grape

 current: happening now, flow of fluid/ eclectricity

  • defuse – diffuse

 defuse: make a situation less tense

– diffuse: spread over wide area

  • desert – dessert

– desert: waterless, empty area or abandon

– dessert: sweet course of a meal

  • discreet – discrete

– discreet: careful not to attract attention

– discrete: separate and distinct

  • disinterested – uninterested

– disinterested: impartial

– uninterested: not interested

  • foreword – forward

– foreword: introduction at start of a book

– forward: onwards or ahead

  • freeze – frieze

– freeze: turn into ice

– frieze: decoration along a wall

  • grisly – grizzly

– grisly: gruesome or revolting

– grizzly: type of bear

  • hoard – horde

– hoard: stock or stash of money or things

– horde: large crowd of people

  • imply – infer

– imply: indirectly suggest something

 infer: draw a conclusion from

  • loath – loathe

– loath: reluctant or unwilling

– loathe: to hate someone or something

  • loose – lose

– loose: set free or unfasten

– lose: be deprived of or fail to win

  • bazaar – bizarre

– bazaar: a market in the Middle East

– bizarre: strange

  • amoral – immoral

– amoral: unconcerned with right or wrong

 immoral: not following moral standards

  • balmy – barmy

– balmy: pleasingly warm

– barmy: foolish or crazy

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