Top 100+ Most Common Mistakes Made by English Learners

What is an error in English? The concept of language mistakes is a fuzzy one...

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What is an error in English? The concept of language mistakes is a fuzzy one…

Listed below are 100+ of the most common mistakes made by English Learners…

Incorrect: It’s seven twenty o’clock.

Correct: It’s seven twenty.


Incorrect: Your coat is broken.

Correct: Your coat is torn.


Incorrect: Susan didn’t make a fault anyway.

Correct: Susan didn’t make a mistake anyway.


Incorrect: Would you mind posting this letter for me ? Yes, certainly.

Correct: Would you mind mailing this letter for me ? Of course not. OR ( Not at all )


Incorrect: He becomes better.

Correct: He got better.


Incorrect: We’ll have a hearing test tomorrow.

Correct: We’ll have a listening test tomorow.


Incorrect: I recommend you to take a long vacation.

Correct: I recommend that you take a long vacation.


Incorrect: The last bus leaves at eleven o’clock. It’s about eleven now, Hurry up!

Correct: The last bus leaves at eleven o’clock. It’s nearly ( almost ) eleven now, Hurry up!


Incorrect: It was still bright outside.

Correct: It was still light outside.


Incorrect: Come to here.

Correct: Come here.


Incorrect: Common students in US don’t wear a uniform.

Correct: The average students in US don’t wear a uniform.


Incorrect: Who cooked this salad ?

Correct: Who made this salad ?


Incorrect: Different from me, she is proficient in English.

Correct: Unlike me, she is proficient in English.


Incorrect: Little children are difficult to understand that.

Correct: It is difficult for children to understand that.


Incorrect: Don’t step on the grass.

Correct: Keep off the grass.


Incorrect: I get my salary twice a month.

Correct: I get paid twice a month..


Incorrect: Would you like a drink ?

Correct: Would you like something to drink ?


Incorrect: Let me examine your pulse.

Correct: Let me feel your pulse.


Incorrect: I have no exercise talent.

Correct: I am not athletic.


Incorrect: I forget my hat in the house.

Correct: I left my hat in the house.


Incorrect: Lend me some money, for instance 500 dollars, Lin

Correct: Lend me some money, say 500 dollars, Lin


Incorrect: I have a free time.

Correct: I am free.


Incorrect: The sun rises from the East.

Correct: The sun rises in the East.


Incorrect: The thief got in from the window.

Correct: The thief got in through the window.


Incorrect: Let’s begin from page 10.

Correct: Let’s begin at ( on ) page 10.


Incorrect: Did you attend college ?

Correct: Did you go to college ?


Incorrect: I wanted to go to Europe last summer, but it was too expensive so I gave up to go.

Correct: I wanted to go to Europe last summer, but it was too expensive so I gave up the idea.


Incorrect: I am going back my home.

Correct: I am going home.


Incorrect: His temperature went down.

Correct: His temperature came down.


Incorrect: I like green color.

Correct: I like green.


Incorrect: Today’s newspapers has his articles on Taiwan.

Correct: Today’s newspapers carries his articles on Taiwan.


Incorrect: Give me money, if you have.

Correct: Give me money, if you have any.


Incorrect: You’ll have a cold if you sleep with your window open.

Correct: You’ll catch a cold if you sleep with your window open.

Incorrect: Somebody’s knocking on the door. Go and see who he is.

Correct: Somebody’s knocking on the door. Go and see who it is.


Incorrect: The head office is in Taipei.

Correct: The main office is in Taipei.


Incorrect: He cannot read and write.

Correct: He cannot read or write.


Incorrect: Where is here.

Correct: Where are we.


Incorrect: How heavy are you ?

Correct: How much do you weigh ?

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