This is Why You Shouldn’t Lose Your Pen!

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What happens …

  • If a Student Loses a Pen
  • If a Student Makes a Mistake ‚Ķ

If You Lose Your Pen …

  • Lost your pen= No pen
  • No pen= No notes
  • No notes= No study
  • No study= Fail
  • Fail= No diploma
  • No diploma= No work
  • No work= No money
  • No money= No food
  • No food= You get skinny
  • You get skinny= You get ugly
  • You get ugly= No love
  • No love= No marriage
  • No marriage= No children
  • No children= alone
  • Alone= Depression
  • Depression= Sickness
  • Sickness=¬†Death

If You Lose Your Pen ...

If a Student Makes a Mistake …

If a Student Makes a Mistake ...

This is Why You Shouldn't Lose Your Pen! 1

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I would like to have this material for muy classes .How can I get ir?