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SO and SUCH: Difference Between So and Such (with Useful Examples)

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Though So and Such have similar meanings, there is a distinct difference between the use of these two words. The main difference between so and such is that so is an adverb while such is a determiner. In this article, we are going to look at the difference between so and such in details.

So and Such

How to Use SO

So + Adjective/ Adverb

Use: To show extreme situation, and is often used in an exclamation.


  • It’s so cold! I wish that I had a warmer coat.
  • It was so hot we couldn’t work.
  • She speaks so softly! It’s really difficult to hear her.
  • She paints so well!

So + many/few + plural countable noun

Use: To show extremes in amount.


  • I never knew you had so many brothers!
  • She has so few friends! It’s really quite sad.

So + much/little + uncountable noun

Use: To show extremes in amount.


  • Jame earns so much money! And he still has trouble paying the rent.
  • They have so little food! We need to do something to help them.

So + adjective/ adverb…+that…+ result

Use: This shows the result of an extreme situation. The “that” is usually optional.


  • The teacher speaks so softly that it’s really difficult to hear her.

So + Much/ Little/ Often/ Rarely

Use: To describe how much or how often someone does an action.


  • Earl drinks so much! It’s not good for his health.
  • My sister visits us so rarely! I really miss her.

How to Use SUCH

Such a + (adjective) + countable noun

Use: To show emphasis, and is often used in an exclamation.


  • David has such a big house! I think it’s a little ridiculous.
  • They’re such nice kids.

Such + (adjective) + uncountable noun


  • She has such big feet that she has to buy special shoes.
  • She always uses such fresh food.

Such + adjective + plural noun


  • They’re such nice kids.

Such (a) + (adj) + noun +…+that…+result

Use: To show certain results of what you are saying.


  • He is such an idiot that nobody wants to be his friend.

Such + noun

Use: “Such” can also mean “this type of…”


  • I have never seen such a film before. (…this type of film…)
  • The pilot had never flown such an airplane before. (…this type of airplane…)

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How to Use SO and SUCH


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