LIKE or AS: Difference Between Like and As (with Useful Examples)

Like or As? What is the difference between Like vs As?


How to Use the Word “Like”

“Like” is a preposition, used before a noun or pronoun, to say that two things are similar.


  • It looks like it is going to rain.
  • The hero feels like he is the most powerful man on earth.
  • He looks like he has had a rough night.
  • In his job he works like a slave.
  • The children swim like fish.
  • The boy runs like a hare.
  • I slept like a baby.

“Like” is sometimes used as a conjunction in daily speech:

  • No body acts like he does
  • Like I said before, I’m happy

How to Use the Word “As”

As“, as a preposition, before a noun or pronoun, is used to refer to jobs or functions,

the role of a person or the use of something.


  • My father worked as an accountant.
  • Caroline was employed as a teacher.
  • The author is respected as a writer.
  • He used a saucer as an ashtray.

“As” is also used as a conjunction, joining two clauses:

  • It’s very expensive, as you know.
  • He won the election, as was expected.
  • The phone rang as I was watching television. (=while)
  • Tired as he was he still finished the race.(although)
  • We left the room as it was. (the way in which)
  • Julie may need help as she is new to the job. (=because)

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Like or As: When to Use Like or As

Like or As

LIKE or AS: Difference Between Like and As (with Useful Examples) 1

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