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What is the Difference Between During and While in English?

Difference Between During and While in English

During and While are similar in meaning (function), but they are used different grammatically.


During is a preposition which is used before an activity to indicate that a parallel action is happening at the same time as that activity

  • What did you discuss during dinner?

During is followed by a noun, which often represents an activity (During + noun)

  • We had to call the doctor during the night.

Incorrect: She slept during watching the movie.

Correct: She slept during the movie.


While is a conjunction which is used to refer to a background period of time in which another activity happened

  • They all took notes while the professor gave the lecture.

While is followed by a clause (While + subject + verb…)

  • I met my wife while I was at university.

Incorrect: She ate while the movie.

Correct: She ate while she was watching the movie.

During vs. While | Picture

Difference Between During and While

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