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100+ Different Ways to Say ‘That’s Great’ in English

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In everyday conversations, we often use phrases such as “That’s great” to express positivity and enthusiasm. However, using the same expressions repeatedly can become monotonous and lose its impact. So, let’s get started on discovering new and exciting ways to say “That’s great!”

When to use “That’s great”

  1. Acknowledging someone’s achievements: When someone has accomplished something, you can use “That’s great” to express your approval and support.
  2. Celebrating good news: If someone shares the good news with you, “That’s great” can be a way to acknowledge and celebrate their happiness.
  3. Encouraging someone: If someone is working towards a goal or trying to overcome a challenge, “That’s great” can be used to encourage and motivate them.
  4. Showing gratitude: If someone has done something for you or helped you in some way, “That’s great” can be used to express your gratitude and appreciation.

It’s important to note that “That’s great” should be used in an authentic and sincere manner, as insincere use can come across as disingenuous.

Formal ways to say “That’s great”

  1. That’s fantastic.
  2. That’s splendid.
  3. That’s terrific.
  4. That’s marvelous.
  5. That’s wonderful.
  6. That’s excellent.
  7. That’s superb.
  8. That’s fantastic news.
  9. That’s a great accomplishment.
  10. That’s impressive.
  11. That’s outstanding.
  12. That’s remarkable.
  13. That’s noteworthy.
  14. That’s a noteworthy achievement.
  15. That’s praiseworthy.
  16. That’s commendable.
  17. That’s a cause for celebration.
  18. That’s remarkable progress.
  19. That’s a triumph.
  20. That’s a great success.
  21. That’s an outstanding performance.
  22. That’s a notable achievement.
  23. That’s a great victory.
  24. That’s an impressive outcome.
  25. That’s a proud moment.
  26. That’s a landmark achievement.
  27. That’s a remarkable feat.
  28. That’s a great accomplishment.
  29. That’s a commendable effort.
  30. That’s a remarkable milestone.
  31. That’s an exceptional result.
  32. That’s a well-deserved recognition.
  33. That’s a proud accomplishment.
  34. That’s a great achievement.
  35. That’s a significant success.

Using formal language like these expressions can be appropriate in professional settings, such as in a business meeting or presentation, or in written communication like an email or letter.

Informal ways to say “That’s great”

  1. That’s awesome.
  2. That’s cool.
  3. That’s sick.
  4. That’s rad.
  5. That’s dope.
  6. That’s neat.
  7. That’s groovy.
  8. That’s super.
  9. That rocks.
  10. That’s boss.
  11. That’s fantastico.
  12. That’s amazing.
  13. That’s killer.
  14. That’s sweet.
  15. That’s the bomb.
  16. That’s killer beans.
  17. That’s the bee’s knees.
  18. That’s totally tubular.
  19. That’s the cat’s pajamas.
  20. That’s wicked cool.
  21. That’s the cherry on top.
  22. That’s the bomb dot com.
  23. That’s the stuff.
  24. That’s the real deal.
  25. That’s boss sauce.
  26. That’s ace.

These informal expressions are typically used in casual or informal settings, such as with friends or family, or in casual conversations.

100+ Different Ways to Say 'That's Great' in English 1

Idiomatic ways to say “That’s great”

  1. That’s the cherry on top.
  2. That’s the icing on the cake.
  3. That’s the cat’s meow.
  4. That’s the bee’s knees.
  5. That’s the whole enchilada.
  6. That’s the real McCoy.
  7. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.
  8. That’s the way to go.
  9. That’s the bomb.
  10. That’s what the doctor ordered.

Funny ways to say “that’s great”

  1. That’s boss!
  2. That’s good!
  3. That’s the biz!
  4. That’s the cat’s meow!
  5. That’s the bee’s knees!
  6. That’s the berries!
  7. That’s the cherry on top!
  8. That’s the whole enchilada!
  9. That’s the complete package!
  10. That’s the real deal!
  11. That’s the stuff!
  12. That’s bananas!
  13. That’s groovy!
  14. That’s far out!
  15. That’s rad!
  16. That’s peachy keen!
  17. That’s gnarly!
  18. That’s totally tubular!

Ways to say “that’s great” to build stronger relationships

  1. I’m so glad to hear that!
  2. That’s fantastic, I’m happy for you!
  3. That’s amazing, I’m proud of you!
  4. That’s wonderful, how did you manage to do that?
  5. That’s incredible, can you tell me more?
  6. That’s great news, how can I support you?
  7. That’s exciting, I look forward to hearing more about it!
  8. That’s fantastic, we should celebrate!
  9. That’s super, let’s continue this success!
  10. That’s fantastic, I have no doubt you’ll continue to excel!

Traditional ways to say “that’s great”

  1. That’s wonderful!
  2. That’s fantastic!
  3. That’s splendid!
  4. That’s amazing!
  5. That’s excellent!
  6. That’s phenomenal!
  7. That’s terrific!
  8. That’s fabulous!
  9. That’s remarkable!
  10. That’s impressive!
  11. That’s great news!
  12. That’s a great outcome!
  13. That’s a great result!
  14. That’s a great accomplishment!
  15. That’s a great success!
  16. That’s a great achievement!
  17. That’s a great opportunity!
  18. That’s a great advantage!
  19. That’s a great blessing!
  20. That’s a great joy!

Emotional ways to say “that’s great”

  1. Overwhelmed: That’s incredible!
  2. Surprised: That’s unexpected!
  3. Delighted: That’s fantastic!
  4. Thrilled: That’s amazing!
  5. Ecstatic: That’s fantastic!
  6. Joyful: That’s wonderful!
  7. Pleased: That’s great news!
  8. Grateful: That’s a blessing!
  9. Elated: That’s fantastic!
  10. Excited: That’s fantastic!
  11. Happy: That’s great news!
  12. Radiant: That’s wonderful!
  13. Euphoric: That’s amazing!
  14. Enchanted: That’s fantastic!
  15. Overjoyed: That’s wonderful!
  16. Blissful: That’s fantastic!
  17. Cheerful: That’s great news!
  18. Gleeful: That’s fantastic!
  19. Jovial: That’s fantastic!
  20. Radiant: That’s fantastic!

Professional ways to say “that’s great”

Professional ways to express feeling about a colleague’s or client’s news or achievements

  1. Congrats on your achievement!
  2. That’s fantastic news!
  3. Excellent work!
  4. Well done!
  5. Bravo!
  6. That’s impressive!
  7. That’s a great accomplishment!
  8. I’m so proud of you!
  9. That’s wonderful to hear!
  10. That’s a positive outcome!

Professional ways to respond positively to a proposal or suggestion

  1. I think that’s an excellent idea.
  2. I fully support that proposal.
  3. That’s a great suggestion.
  4. That’s a wise choice.
  5. That aligns with our goals.
  6. That could be very beneficial.
  7. I’m in favor of that option.
  8. That’s a positive solution.
  9. That’s a solid plan.
  10. I’m impressed by that proposal.
  11. That could work very well.
  12. I agree with that approach.
  13. That has potential.
  14. That’s a smart move.
  15. That could be a good fit.
  16. I like the direction you’re taking.
  17. That’s a promising solution.
  18. I appreciate the thought you’ve put into this.
  19. That’s a positive direction.
  20. I think that’s a good idea.

Professional ways to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s efforts or contributions

  1. I really appreciate your hard work.
  2. Your contributions are invaluable.
  3. You’ve made a significant impact.
  4. Your efforts are paying off.
  5. I’m grateful for all you do.
  6. Your dedication is admirable.
  7. Your hard work is paying dividends.
  8. Your input has been valuable.
  9. Your support is greatly appreciated.
  10. Your dedication is making a difference.
  11. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  12. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
  13. You’ve made a big difference.
  14. You’ve been a real asset.
  15. Your hard work is making a positive impact.
  16. You’re doing a great job.
  17. Your contributions are making a real difference.
  18. Your support has been key.
  19. Your dedication is making a significant impact.
  20. Your efforts are making a real difference.