55+ Useful Prepositions and Adjectives Combination with Examples

Prepositions and Adjectives – some adjectives are usually followed by prepositions.

Learn 100+ Adjective & Preposition Combinations to Speak English Fluently

Prepositions and Adjectives Combination

1. Accquainted with

  • Are you acquainted with your classmate?

2. Accused of

  • He’s been accused of robbery/murder.

3. Accustomed to

  • It’ll take time for me to accustom myself to the changes.

4. Addicted to

  • A lot of people nowadays have become addicted to the internet.

5. Afraid of

  • Are you afraid of the dark?

6. Allergic to

  • My dad’s allergic to pop music.

7. Amazed at/by

  • She was amazed at how calm she felt after the accident.

8. Angry about

  • I’m really angry about our losses on the stock market!

9. Angry with someone for something

  • I’m really angry with John for his total lack of responsibility.

10. Annoyed about/with/at

  • He’s annoyed with TIm because he told his secret.

11. Anxious about/to

  • I’m anxious to get home to open my presents.

12. Apposed to

  • She remained bitterly opposed to the idea of moving abroad.

13. Appreciated for

  • We appreciate the need for immediate action.

14. Ashamed of

  • I’m not ashamed of what I did.

15. Associated with/at/by

  • I don’t want my children associating with drug addicts and alcoholics.

16. Attached to

  • I don’t attach any importance/significance to these rumours.

17. Aware of

  • Were you aware of the risks at the time?

18. Awful at

  • I’m awful at names.

19. Bad at/for

  • Jack is really bad at keeping his promises.

20. Based on

  • The film is based on a short story by Thomas Mann.

21. Beneficial to

  • A stay in the country will be beneficial to his health.

22. Blessed with

  • You are blessed with many talents.

23. Bored with

  • You get bored / fed up with doing the same thing every day.

24. Brilliant at

  • He’s brilliant at football.

25. Busy with

  • The kids are busy with their homework.

26. Capable of

  • You are capable of better work than this.

27. Careful with/to/about/of

  • Be careful to look both ways when you cross the road.

28. Careless about

  • He made a careless remark about her appearance that really upset her.

29. Careless with

  • Don’t be careless with your ATM card.

30. Certain about/of

  • He was quite certain about/of his attacker’s identity.

31. Clever at/about/of/for/with

  • Charlie has a clever idea/plan for getting us out of our present difficulties.

32. Cluttered with

  • The floor was cluttered with my situation.

33. Comfortable with/in

  • I’m not comfortable with the idea of leaving her on her own.

34. Concerned about/for/with/to

  • I’m a bit concerned about/for your health.

35. Connected with/to

  • He was connected in some way with that fraud scandal a couple of years back.

36. Conscious of

  • She’s very conscious of the problems involved.

37. Content with

  • Not content with stealing my boyfriend, she has turned all my friends against me.

38. Coordinated with

  • Our program is coordinated with yours.

39. Crazy about

  • I’m not crazy about Chinese food.

40. Crowded with

  • The airport is crowded with stranded travelers.

41. Cruel to

  • I can’t stand people who are cruel to animals.

42. Curious about/to

  • They were very curious about the people who lived upstairs.

43. Delighted to/by/at/with

  • I’d be absolutely delighted to come.

44. Depressed about

  • She felt very depressed about the future.

45. Different from

  • I am different from my brother.

46. Difficult for

  • It is difficult for me to hear you.

47. Disappointed at/ in/to

  • They were bitterly disappointed at the result of the game.

48. Disgusted with

  • I am disgusted with this dirty place.

49. Disturbed by

  • I was deeply disturbed and depressed by the news.

50. Eager for/to

  • She is eager for her parents’ approval.

51. Eligible for/to

  • Only those over 70 are eligible for the special payment.

52. Enthusiastic about

  • You don’t sound very enthusiastic about the idea.

53. Envious of

  • They were envious of his success.

54. Excellent at

  • They are excellent at planning fun parties.

55. Excited about/at/by

  • He’s excited about his birthday party next week.

56. Experienced in

  • He’s very experienced in looking after animals.

57. Exposed to

  • The country became highly exposed to the vagaries of international markets.

58. Faithful to

  • He remained faithful to the ideals of the party.

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Prepositions and Adjectives Combination in English.

Prepositions and AdjectivesPin
Prepositions and AdjectivesPin

Prepositions and AdjectivesPin

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