Other Words for AFRAID in English

What is another words for AFRAID in English?

Words for AFRAID in English

1. Tense

E.g. She sounded tense and angry.

2. Panicky

E.g. He was feeling panicky.

3. Terrified

E.g. She was terrified at the thought of being alone.

4. Frightened

E.g. I’m too frightened to ask him now.

5. Fearful

E.g. Parents are ever fearful for their children.

6. Scared

E.g. People are scared to use the buses late at night.

7. Petrified

E.g. I’m petrified of snakes.

8. Timid

E.g. They’ve been rather timid in the changes they’ve made.

9. Chicken out

E.g. You’re not going to chicken out, are you?

10. Nervy

E.g. You seem quite nervy this morning.

11. Jittery

E.g. I felt jittery before going on stage.

12. Cowed

E.g. The teacher cowed the pupils with his hard eyes.

13. Frantic

E.g. Let’s go back. Your parents must be getting frantic by now.

14. Uneasy

E.g. His presence made her feel uneasy.

15. Shaky

E.g. Her voice sounded shaky on the phone.

16. Jumpy

E.g. Anna’s very jumpy about something.

17. Shell-shocked

E.g. I felt completely shell-shocked after I heard the news.

18. Horror

E.g. People watched in horror as the plane crashed to the ground.

19. Horrified

E.g. It horrified her so much she kept it secret for months.

20. Timid

E.g. They’ve been rather timid in the changes they’ve made.

21. Horror-struck

E.g. He stared, horror-struck at the sight.

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Words for AFRAID in English

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