Other Ways to Say…

Other ways to say: In other words, Good luck, Happy birthday, Good night, I like it, Hurry up, Tired.

Other ways to say “In other words”:

  • To put it simply,…
  • What I mean is…
  • That is to say…
  • What I’m trying to say is…
  • Basically,…
  • To clarify,…
  • Simply put,…
  • Namely…
  • Put differently…
  • That is to say…
  • Simply put…
  • In other quarters…
  • Otherwise speaking…
  • Put another way…
  • Put it differently…
  • Put the matter another way…
  • Said differently…

Other ways to say “Good luck”

  • Best of luck!
  • Finger crossed!
  • I hope it all goes well!
  • Blow them a way!
  • Break a leg!
  • You’ll do great!
  • I hope things turn out fine.
  • Use your head.
  • Be careful.
  • Knock ‘em dead.
  • You’ll do great.
  • Let me know how it went.
  • Blow them away.

Other ways to say "Happy birthday!"

  • Many happy returns!
  • Have a great one!
  • I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • I wish you all the best on your special day.
  • Have a fabulous birthday!
  •  All the best!
  • Many more happy returns!
  • I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  • May your birthday be filled with laughter!

Other ways to say"Good night"

  • Night, night!
  • Nighty night!
  • Sleep well
  • Sweet dreams!
  • Sleep tight!
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Other ways to say "I like it"

  • I’m really into it!
  • I’m keen on it.
  • I’m fond of it.
  • It appeals to me.
  • I’m crazy about it
  • I’m partial to it.
  • I’m attached to
  • I’m addicted to
  • I’ve grown to like it
  • I can’t get enough of
  • I’v got a soft spot for

Other ways to say "I don't like it"

  • That’s not for me.
  • I’m not into it.
  • I pass.
  • I’m not fond of it.
  • I dislike it.
  • I don’t appreciate that.
  • I’ve had enough.
  • I’m not a big fan of it.

Other ways to say"hurry up"

  • Get a move on
  • Get cracking
  • Chop-chop
  • Shake a leg
  • Come on
  • Move it
  • Let’s pick up the pace

Other ways to say "I'm tired"

  • I'm whacked
  • I'm dog tired
  • I'm spent
  • I'm bushed
  • I'm exhausted
  • I'm worn out
  • I'm dead-tired
  • I'm beat

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Other Ways to Say…

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