Other Ways to Say Thank You, You’re Welcome, I’m Sorry…

Other ways to say Thank you, Apologizing and Responding to Apologies. The list below will help you quickly improve your English with useful ESL images.

Other Ways to Say

Ways to Say Thank You in Any Situation

Expressions of thanking:

  • Thank you
  • Thanks
  • Thank you for helping me bring these books
  • Thank you very much
  • Thanks a lot
  • Many thanks


  • You’re welcome
  • Don’t mention it
  • That’s alright
  • It’s my pleasure
  • Not at all
  • I’m glad you like it
  • Sure thing
  • Thanks anyway

Other ways to say Thank You in a very formal situation:

  • I appreciate your kindness
  • I’m grateful to you for…
  • How very kind of you
  • I would like to express my deep gratitude to you

Conversation examples:

  • Anna: Hi Emily, I have a hamburger for you.
  • Emily: Hi, Anna. Owh, thank you so much. I really like humburger.
  • Anna: No problem

Ways to Say Apologizing and Responding to Apologies


  • I’m sorry/ I’m sorry for…/ I’m sorry that…
  • I would like to apologize to you.
  • I’m sorry for coming late, sir.
  • Please forgive me for my mistake.
  • I’m really sorry for disturbing you.
  • Pardon me for not coming on your party.
  • Oops, Sorry
  • Sorry about that
  • I apologize for…
  • It was my faul
  • I should have…/ I shouldn’t have…
  • We deeply regret/ Please accept your apologies.

Responding to Apologies

  • Never mind.
  • That’s alright.
  • It’s alright.
  • It’s OK.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t worry, It’s Okay.
  • Apology accepted.
  • You don’t need to apologize.
  • I quite understand. I’m sure you couldn’t help it.
  • No harm done.

Conversation Examples

  • Jame: Good morning, Sir
  • Mr. Smith: Morning, Jame
  • Jame: I would like to apologize for being late to class
  • Mr. Smith: Why do you come late?
  • Jame: My motorbike had a flat tyre on the way to school.
  • Mr. Smith: It’s ok this time. Please be on time in the future
  • Jame: I will. Thank you, Sir

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