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Do you know different ways to say boring, unusual, attractive, peaceful? The following article introduces alternative ways to express those words with ESL image.

Other Ways to Say BORING

  • Dull

E.g. The first half of the game was pretty dull.

  • Uneventful

E.g. Anna led a quiet uneventful life.

  • Dry

E.g. Government reports tend to make dry reading.

  • Stale

E.g. Their marriage had gone stale.

  • Uninteresting

E.g. The food was dull and uninteresting.

  • Monotonous

E.g. He has a monotonous voice.

  • Mind-numbing

E.g. It’s a mind-numbing conversation

  • Reptitive

E.g. Such a repetitive task!

  • Tedious

E.g. The journey soon became tedious.

  • Uninspiring

E.g. The view from the window was uninspiring.

  • Banal

E.g. This is a banal conversation about the weather.

  • Bland

E.g. This soup is too bland for me.

  • Mundane

E.g. I found the job very mundane.

  • Blah (slang)

E.g. This class is so blah.

  • Bore shitless

E.g. That book will bore you shitless.

  • Bunk

E.g. This party is bunk.

  • Beat

E.g. When we got to that party it was beat.

Different ways to say boring – image

Other Ways to Say BORING

Other Ways to Say UNUSUAL

  • Odd

E.g. They’re very odd people.

  • Peculiar

E.g. There was something peculiar in the way he smiled.

  • Strange

E.g. A strange thing happened this morning.

  • Uncommon

E.g. Red squirrels are uncommon in England.

  • Weird

E.g. She’s a really weird girl.

  • Atypical

E.g. The sample we studied for our research was atypical.

  • Unique

E.g. The valley has its own unique microclimate.

  • Idiosyncratic

E.g. His teaching methods are idiosyncratic but successful.

  • Special

E.g. There is something special about this place.

  • Unexpected

E.g. We had an unexpected visitor this morning.

  • Exceptional

E.g. This deadline will be extended only in exceptional circumstances.

Other Ways to Say PEACEFUL

  • Calm

E.g. Her voice was surprisingly calm.

  • Clearheaded

E.g. In business Jane was clear-headed and decisive.

  • Comfortable

E.g. It’s such a comfortable bed.

  • Content

E.g. He seemed more content, less bitter.

  • Quiet

E.g. She wanted a quiet life.

  • Relaxed

E.g. I’m feeling more relaxed about the future now.

  • Relieved

E.g. She sounded relieved.

  • Satisfied

E.g. She’s never satisfied with what she’s got.

  • Serene

E.g. She has a lovely serene face.

  • Still

E.g. The kids found it hard to stay still.

  • Tranquil

E.g. She led a tranquil life in the country.

  • Harmonious

E.g. That’s a harmonious alliance between management and workers

  • Amicable

E.g. It was an amicable divorce.

  • Nonviolent

E.g They believe only in peaceable, non-violent protest.

  • At peace

Lana seems to be more at peace with herself these days

Different ways to say peaceful – image

Other Ways to Say PEACEFUL

Other Ways to Say ATTRACTIVE

  • Beautiful

E.g. She has abeautiful voice.

  • Cute

E.g. The baby’s really cute.

  • Lovely

E.g. Such a lovely house!

  • Stunning

E.g. Mary looks absolutely stunning.

  • Gorgeous

E.g. She looks gorgeous.

  • Good-looking

E.g. He is a good-looking man.

  • Handsome

E.g. She is falling in love with a handsome guy.

  • Pretty

E.g. You should become a pretty woman.

  • Alluring

E.g. I love her alluring smile.

  • Glamorous

E.g. She led an exciting and glamorous life.