Negative Prefixes: DIS, IM, IN, IR, IL, NON, UN.

Learn English Vocabulary with Negative Prefixes with DIS, IM, IN, IR, IL, NON, UN.

Common Prefixes in English

English Vocabulary: frequently used prefixes in English.

English Vocabulary with Negative Prefixes


  • Disappointment

E.g.  He found it difficult to hide his disappointment when she didn’t arrive.

  • Disapproval

E.g. He shook his head in disapproval.

  • Disgust

E.g. She expressed her disgust at the programme by writing a letter of complaint.

  • Disrespect

E.g. No disrespect intended, sir. It was just a joke.

  • Disbelief

E.g. He stared at me in disbelief.

  • Disgrace

E.g. Her behaviour has brought disgrace on her family.

  • Dishonour

E.g. There is no dishonour in such a defeat.

  • Disillusionment

E.g. There is widespread disillusionment with the present government.

  • Disinterest

E.g. His total disinterest in money puzzled his family.

  • Dismay

E.g. He looked at her in dismay.

  • Displeasure

E.g. She made no attempt to hide her displeasure at the prospect.

  • Disregard

E.g. The board completely disregarded my recommendations.

  • Dissatisfaction

E.g. Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the arrangement.

  • Distaste

E.g. He looked around the filthy room in distaste.

  • Distrust

E.g. He has a deep distrust of all modern technology.

  • Discomfort

E.g. You will experience some minor discomfort during the treatment.

  • Discontent

E.g. There is widespread discontent among the staff at the proposed changes to pay and conditions.

  • Discouragement

E.g. Despite all these discouragements, she refused to give up.

  • Disdain

E.g. He turned his head away in disdain

Negative Prefixes: DIS-Pin


  • Unreal

E.g. The party began to take on an unreal, almost nightmarish quality.

  • Unable

E.g. I tried to contact him but was unable to.

  • Unusual

E.g. It’s unusual for the trees to flower so early.

  • Unhappy

E.g. I didn’t realize but he was deeply unhappy at that time.

  • Unfaithful

E.g. She remained loyal to her unfaithful husband.

  • Unfair

E.g. It would be unfair not to let you have a choice.

  • Unprepared

E.g. She was totally unprepared for his response.

  • Unhelpful

E.g. The taxi driver was being very unhelpful.

  • Unlikely

E.g. The project seemed unlikely to succeed.

  • Unshaven

E.g. He looked pale and unshaven.


  • Incorrect

E.g. The time on my clock is incorrect.

  • Incredible

E.g. It seemed incredible that she had been there a week already.

  • Invalid

E.g. People with invalid papers are deported to another country.

  • Insane

E.g. The prisoners were slowly going insane.

  • Infrequent

E.g. Muggings are relatively infrequent in this area.

  • Incapable

E.g. The children seem to be totally incapable of working by themselves.

  • Inexpensive

E.g. Inexpensive socks fade faster than pricey ones.

  • Ineligible

E.g. The new rules have made thousands more people ineligible for legal aid.

  • Inorganic

E.g. Rocks and minerals are inorganic.

  • Indecent

E.g. He made an indecent suggestion to my wife

  • Invisible

E.g. The gas in a balloon is invisible

  • Informal

E.g. We can wear jeans to an informal party

  • Independent

E.g. She is proud to be independent in her job.

  • Inactive

E.g. It’s hard to exercise after being inactive for a week.

  • Inappropriate

E.g. Casual clothes are inappropriate at a wedding.

  • Indefinite

E.g. Rain delayed the game for an indefinite period.

  • Indisputable

E.g. It is indisputable that Austin is the capital of Texas.

Negative Prefixes: IN-Pin


  • Illegal

E.g. It’s illegal to drive through a red light.

  • Illegible

E.g. His signature is totally illegible.

  • Illogical

E.g. His answer is illogical; it makes no sense.



E.g. It’s impolite to interrupt a person who is speaking.

  • Imperfect

E.g. All our sale items are slightly imperfect.

  • Immoral

E.g. It’s immoral to steal.

  • Impure

E.g. Some of these drugs are highly impure.

  • Impossible

E.g. It’s impossible to prove.

  • Impatient

E.g. He was too impatient to wait in line for the bus

  • Immobile

E.g. The ship was immobile after grounding on a reef.

  • Imbalance

E.g. Postnatal depression is usually due to hormonal imbalance.

  • Impeccable

E.g. He was dressed in a suit and an impeccable white shirt.

  • Immature

E.g. She is too immature to take a babysitting job.

  • Impersonal

E.g. A robot is an impersonal teacher.

Negative Prefixes: IM-Pin


  • Irrational

E.g. There was nothing inherently irrational in such a decision.

  • Irregular

E.g. The shirt was on sale because of irregular stitches

  • Irresistible

E.g. My father’s homemade apple pie is irresistible

  • Irrelevant

E.g. Music skills are irrelevant in playing baseball.

  • Irresponsible

E.g. It is irresponsible to run into traffic.

  • Irreparable

E.g. My report is irreparable after my dog chewed it.


  • Nonessential

E.g. I have no money for non-essentials.

  • Nonfiction

E.g. I prefer reading non-fiction.

  • Nonsense

E.g. You’re talking nonsense!

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