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Most Commonly Used English Phrases on the Phone

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English phrases used on the phone are a set of expressions and words that are commonly used in telephone conversations. These phrases are used to facilitate communication and make it smoother and more efficient. Here are some common phrases on the phone that you should learn to use in your daily conversation.

Common Phrases on the Phone

These phrases include both formal and informal language and are used in various situations such as making or answering calls, leaving messages, and transferring calls. Some common examples of English phrases on the phone include “Hello, can I speak to [name] please?”, “Can I have your phone number?”, “Can you hold please?”, “Can you spell that for me?”, and “Can you repeat that please?”. These phrases are essential for effective communication on the phone and are widely used in both personal and professional settings.

  • Hi, this is…
  • May I speak with…?(formal)
  • Is…here?(Informal)
  • I’m calling about…
  • I’m returning your call.
  • One moment, please. (Formal)
  • Hang on a second. (Informal)
  • He/she is not here. Would you like to live a message?
  • Could you ask him to call me back?
  • Thanks for calling.
  • “Hello, can I speak to [name] please?”
  • “Can I have your phone number?”
  • “Can you hold please?”
  • “Can you spell that for me?”
  • “Can you repeat that please?”
  • “Can I call you back later?”
  • “Thank you for calling.”
  • “Please call again.”
  • “I’m sorry, he/she is not available at the moment.”
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat it?”
  • “I’m sorry, we’ve been disconnected.”
  • “I’ll transfer you now.”
  • “Please leave a message after the beep.”
  • “I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.”
  • “Can you speak up, please? I can’t hear you very well.”

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Phrases on the Phone

Phrases on the Phone

Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases

Useful English Phrases On the Phone

  • To run out of credit

Meaning: To use all of the credit in your phone

E.g. I’m running out of credit

  • To have credit/ no credit

Meaning: To be with/ without credit

E.g. I don’t have any credit. Sorry!

  • To check your balance

Meaning: To check how much credit you have

E.g. One sec. I’ll check my balance.

  • To top up your phone

Meaning: To add credit to your phone

E.g. I need to top up my phone today.

  • To text sby

Meaning: To tend somebody a message

E.g. I’ll text you later. OK?

  • To leave a voicemail

Meaning: To leave a voice message

E.g. I never leave voicemails.

  • To call sby back

Meaning: To return a phone call.

E.g. Call me back when you have time.

  • To pick up

Meaning: To answer a phone call.

E.g. Please pick up the phone!

  • To hang up

Meaning: To end a phone call.

E.g. Ok. I have to hang up now.

  • To hang up on sby

Meaning: To angrily terminate a phone call.

E.g. Oh my God! She hung up on me!

  • To give sby a missed call

Meaning: To call sby and hang up

E.g. Give me a missed call when you arrive.

  • To have reception

Meaning: To have a good signal.

E.g. I don’t have reception here.

  • To charge your phone

Meaning: To charge your phone battery

E.g. I have to charge my phone.

  • To have low battery

Meaning: When your battery is low.

E.g. I can’t talk. I have low battery.

Important Telephone Words

  • A missed call

Meaning: A call that you didn’t hear/ couldn’t answer

E.g. I have 10 missed calls! Uh-oh!

  • Dead (adj)

Meaning: When your phone has no battery.

E.g. My phone is dead so I can’t call.

  • Engaged (adj)

Meaning: When a phone line is busy

E.g. His phone is always engaged.

Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases

Useful TELEPHONE Phrasal Verbs



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