60+ Commonly Used English Abbreviations You Should Know

English abbreviations! The following lesson is the list of commonly used English abbreviations used on the internet and email with the useful list of SMS texting abbreviations with ESL printable images.

Abbreviations are short forms of lengthy expressions. Abbreviations are in use in almost every discipline and area of life.

Internet & Email Abbreviations

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Other English Abbreviations

  • Memo – Memorandum
  • AM – Ante Meridian
  • PM – Post Meridian
  • AD – Anno Domini
  • BC – Before Christ
  • BCE – Before Common Era
  • Email – Electronic mail
  • Etc – Et cetera
  • Vet – Veterinarian
  • Though – Although
  • “cause / cos/ coz – Because
  • Cellphone – Cellular phone
  • Psycho – Psychopath
  • Math – Mathematics
  • PE – Physical Education
  • Cc – Carbon copy
  • Bcc – Blind carbon copy
  • Re: – Regarding
  • Till – until
  • No. – Number
  • E.g. – Exempli gratia (for example)
  • i.e. – id est (that is)
  • RSVP – Respondez S’il Vous Plait(please respond)
  • PTO – Please turn over
  • CV – Curriculum Vitae
  • P.S – “Post Script” (add extra information at the end of the letter)

Educational Degrees and Job Titles Abbreviations

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • BS – Bachelor of Science
  • MA – Master of Arts
  • M.PHIL or MPHIL – Master of Philosophy
  • JD – Juris Doctor
  • DC – Doctor of Chiropractic
  • PA – Personal Assistant
  • MD – Managing Director
  • VP – Vice President
  • SVP – Senior Vice President
  • EVP – Executive Vice President
  • CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  • CEO – Chief Executive Office

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SMS/TEXT/CHAT Abbreviations

Learn the SMS texting abbreviation with the useful video below:

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Dimitar Gavrailov
Dimitar Gavrailov
5 years ago

With a sincere gratitude for the grate job you ever do, let me intrude with: (about me) They tell me “Do not rush, take a time!” I say “I do not apprehend this expression!” And now, glancing at Important Abbreviations, I can break for a while on lines 12th and 13th and sigh with a relief.” Thank you, God, I am an average guy!”

2 years ago

AM – Ante Meridiem (not Meridian), the same PM.
RSVP – Répondrez s’il vous plaît (not Respondrez).

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Anas Adam
Anas Adam
5 months ago
Reply to  Sidonius57

No one above mistake , you should recorect it politely

Ipil Tudu
Ipil Tudu
2 years ago

Ipil Tudu

1 year ago

very very helpful

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1 year ago

Thanks for the hard work.

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Stainless Steel Jewelry
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5 months ago

Its outstanding , the more you learn the better you become