Learn Useful Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English

Learn Useful English Phrasal Verbs with MAKE with Meaning and Examples.

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Learn Useful English Phrasal Verbs with MAKE with Meaning and Examples.

English Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

  • Make away with

Meaning: Steal

Example: Thieves made away with £50,000 of jewellery in last night’s heist.

  • Make into

Meaning: Cause (the first object) to become (the second object); to change or transform

Example: Basic training will make you into a man.

  • Make it up to

Meaning: Pay back; to return someone a previous good deed

Example: You’ve been so kind to me, how can I make it up to you?

  • Make of

Meaning: Form an opinion about (someone or something)

Example: What do you make of the new guy?

  • Make out

Meaning: Draw up (a document etc.), to designate (a cheque) to a given recipient, payee

Example: Cheques may be made out to the Foo Bar Company.

  • Make out

Meaning: Manage, get along; to do (well, badly etc.)

Example: Oh, you were on a TV game show? How did you make out?

  • Make out

Meaning: Represent; to make (something) appear to be true

Example: His version of the story makes me out to be the bad guy.

  • Make out

Meaning: Kiss passionately

Example: We found a secluded spot where we could make out in private.

  • Make out of

Meaning: Construct from; to create (something) using (a material or substance)

Example: I’ll make a quilt out of your mother’s old shirts.

  • Make over

Meaning: Renovate or to convert to a different use, particularly houses, offices, or rooms within them

Example: We’re going to make over the garage into a guest suite.

  • Make over

Meaning: Create a new physical look, especially with a new hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothes

Example: Cindy is going to make over Karen tomorrow.

  • Make over

Meaning: Improve upon and/or take in a new direction

Example: The senator needs to make over his image.

  • Make up

Meaning: Compensate, fill in or catch up

Example: He can make up the time next week.

  • Make up

Meaning: Invent, imagine, or concoct (a story, claim, etc.)

Example: He was a great storyteller and could make up a story on the spot.

  • Make up

Meaning: Assemble, or mix

Example: I can make up a batch of stew in a few minutes, but it will take a few hours to cook.

  • Make up

Meaning: Apply cosmetics or makeup to

Example: Let’s leave as soon as I make up my face.

  • Make up

Meaning: Resolve, forgive or smooth over an argument or fight

Example: They fight a lot, but they always manage to make up.

  • Make way

Meaning: Make progress

Example: He was starting to make his way in the world.

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