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10+ Useful English Idioms for Problems with Meaning

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Idioms for problems in English! The following lesson provides a useful list of English idioms for problems with their meaning and ESL images that you should know.

English Idioms for Problems

Here is the list of idioms for problems with their meaning in English:

  • Hard nut to crack

Meaning: A problem that is hard to solve or a person who is difficult to understand

  • Elephant in the room

MeaningAn obvious problem that people do not want to talk about

  • Shoot yourself in the foot

MeaningTo do or say something that causes problems for you

  • In hot water

MeaningIn need of help, in trouble

  • Red tape

MeaningDifficult bureaucratic or governmental requirements

  • Above water

MeaningNot in extreme difficulty. Especially said of finances

  • Think outside the box

MeaningTry to solve a problem in an original way, think creatively

  • In a jam

MeaningIn a mess, a problem

  • It serves you right

MeaningYour problem is the result of your own bad behaviour, and you deserve it

  • In a pickle

MeaningSomeone that has a big problem

  • Take the bull by the horns

MeaningDeal with a problem in a direct and fearless way

  • Rough time

MeaningTo have many problems

  • Cut corners

MeaningEconomize by reducing quality, take shortcuts

Idioms for Problems | Image

Idioms for Problems