Learn Useful English Idioms for Problems

Below is useful list of English Idioms for Problems that you should know.

Useful English Idioms for Problems

  • Hard nut to crack

Meaning: A problem that is hard to solve or a person who is difficult to understand

  • Elephant in the room

MeaningAn obvious problem that people do not want to talk about

  • Shoot yourself in the foot

MeaningTo do or say something that causes problems for you

  • In hot water

MeaningIn need of help, in trouble

  • Red tape

MeaningDifficult bureaucratic or governmental requirements

  • Above water

MeaningNot in extreme difficulty. Especially said of finances

  • Think outside the box

MeaningTry to solve a problem in an original way, think creatively

  • In a jam

MeaningIn a mess, a problem

  • It serves you right

MeaningYour problem is the result of your own bad behaviour, and you deserve it

  • In a pickle

MeaningSomeone that has a big problem

  • Take the bull by the horns

MeaningDeal with a problem in a direct and fearless way

  • Rough time

MeaningTo have many problems

  • Cut corners

MeaningEconomize by reducing quality, take shortcuts

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Idioms for Problems

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