Learn English Vocabulary: Colours/ Colors

Color/ colour is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, blue, yellow, green, orange, or purple.

Colors or Colourscan be broken down into three basic types—primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Categorizing by types makes it easier to understand the colors and their relationships. Using solely colors of one particular type is one way to create an easy color scheme.

Colours/ Colors Vocabulary in English

Types of Colors:

  1. Primary Colors
  2. Secondary Colors
  3. Tertiary Colors

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Primary Colors

A set of primary colors is a set of pigments, colored lights, or abstract elements of a mathematical color space model that can be combined in varying amounts to produce a range or “gamut” of colors. Deriving many colors from several primaries facilitates technological and artistic applications such as painting, electronic displays, and printing. Any small set of realizable primary colors are “imperfect” in that they cannot generate all perceptible colors, but some sets of primaries can yield a far wider gamut than others.

There are 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.

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Secondary Colors

A secondary color is a color made by mixing two primary colors in a given color space. The three secondary colors: green, orange, and purple.

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Tertiary Colors

A tertiary color is a color made by mixing full saturation of one primary color with half saturation of another primary color and none of a third primary color, in a given color space such as RGB, CMYK or RYB.
Tertiary colors have general names, one set of names for the RGB color wheel and a different set for the RYB color wheel.

The six tertiary colors: red-violet, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green and blue-violet.

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