Classroom Objects in English

In this lesson, we will learn useful vocabulary for classroom objects ...

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In this lesson, we will learn useful English words for classroom objects.

Classroom Objects in English

Classroom Objects in English – Video

Here is a list of words to learn for this lesson.

  • Desk – a piece of furniture like a table, usually with drawers in it, that you sit at to write and work
  • Chair – a piece of furniture for one person to sit on, which has a back, a seat, and four legs
  • Book – a set of printed pages that are held together in a cover so that you can read them
  • Notebook – a book made of plain paper on which you can write notes
  • Pencil case – a bag or box to carry pens and pencils in
  • Scissors – a tool for cutting paper, made of two sharp blades fastened together in the middle, with holes for your finger and thumb
  • Compass – a V-shaped instrument with one sharp point and a pen or pencil at the other end, used for drawing circles or measuring distances on maps
  • Pencil – an instrument that you use for writing or drawing, consisting of a wooden stick with a thin piece of a black or coloured substance in the middle
  • Stapler – a tool used for putting staples into paper
  • Calculator – a small electronic machine that can add, multiply, …
  • Ballpoint – a pen with a ball at the end that rolls ink onto the paper
  • Hightlighter – a special light-coloured pen used for marking words in a book, article, …
  • Rubber (U.K)/ Eraser (U.S) – a small piece of rubber or similar material used for removing pencil marks from paper
  • Palette – a thin curved board that an artist uses to mix paints, holding it by putting his or her thumb through a hole at the edge
  • Protractor – a piece of plastic in the shape of a half-circle, which is used for measuring and drawing angles
  • Funnel – a thin tube with a wide top that you use for pouring liquid into a container with a narrow opening, such as a bottle
  • Binder – a removable cover for holding loose sheets of paper, magazines, …
  • Computer – an electronic machine that stores information and uses programs to help you find, organize, or change the information
  • Map – a drawing of a particular area, for example a city or country, which shows its main features, such as its roads, rivers, mountains, …
  • Blackboard – a board with a dark smooth surface, used in schools for writing on with chalk
  • Globe – a round object with a map of the Earth drawn on it

English Words for Classroom Objects | Image

Classroom Objects in English

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1 comment, 11.9k shares, 6 points

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