Learn English Phrasal Verbs through Stories

The phrasal verb stories are the key to helping you understand the verbs that have multiple meanings...

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Learn Phrasal Verbs through Stories in English with Pictures.

The phrasal verb stories are the key to helping you understand the verbs that have multiple meanings.

A persistent problem area for students is phrasal verbs. This story activity presents the verbs in a context helping the students to work out the meaning. It is also memorable so it’s easier for students to remember them too.

Phrasal Verb Story 1 | Phrasal Verbs through Stories

Phrasal Verbs through Stories
  • Run out (of time)

Meaning: Use up or finish a supply of something

Eg: We ran out of fuel.

  • Come up (with an answer)

Meaning: To be mentioned and need to be considered

Eg: A number of interesting points came up at today’s meeting.

  • Going through (a divorce)

Meaning: To experience or suffer something

Eg: She’s been going through a bad patch recently.

  • Bring (this problem) up

Meaning: To mention a subject or start to talk about it

Eg: Bring it up at the meeting.

  • Looking forward to (university life)

Meaning: To be thinking with pleasure about something that is going to happen (because you expect to enjoy it)

Eg: I’m looking forward to the weekend.

  • Live up (to my expectations)

Meaning: To do as well as or be as good as other people expect you to

Eg: He failed to live up to his parents’ expectations.

  • Put up (with a boring routine)

Meaning: To build something or place something somewhere

Eg: Residents have put up a great fight against plans to build a new road.

  • Taken aback

Meaning: To shock or surprise somebody very much

Eg: I must admit that I was taken aback when I heard we weren’t receiving ourbonuses this year.

  • Getting by (on a teacher’s salary)

Meaning: To manage to live or do a particular thing using the money, knowledge, equipment, etc. that you have

Eg: How does she get by on such a small salary?

  • Turned out (fine)

Meaning: To happen in a particular way; to develop or end in a particular way

Eg: Despite our worries everything turned out well.

Phrasal Verb Story 2 | Phrasal Verbs through Stories

Phrasal Verbs through Stories

5 Essential Phrasal Verbs with “GIVE”:

1. Give away

Meaning: To give something for free

Eg: I gave the old clothing away to Tom.

2. Give in to

Meaning: To stop resisting something

Eg: The government has said all along that it will never give in to terrorist threats.

3. Give up

Meaning: To stop doing something

Eg: His wife finally persuaded him to give up smoking.

4. Give up on

Meaning: To lose hope about something

Eg: His teachers seem to have given up on him.

5. Give out

Meaning: To give something for free

Eg: People are giving out free samples.

Phrasal Verbs in English

Phrasal Verbs in English

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