Common Collocations with TELL You Should Know

Below is the list of common collocations with TELL in English that you should learn.

Common Collocations with TELL in English

  • Tell a joke

You’re good at telling jokes.

  • Tell a lie

We can not tell a lie, so we confessed we were getting way too many.

  • Tell a story

Anna has always been very good at telling stories.

  • Tell the truth

They must learn how to tell the truth and listen.

  • Tell a secret

Tell me your secret. I won’t tell anyone.

  • Tell the difference

They’re so alike. I can’t tell the difference!

  • Tell somebody one’s name

The boy refused tell me his name.

  • Tell the time

Your watch should tell the time accurately.

  • Tell someone’s fortune

An old lady told me my fortune.

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Collocations with TELL

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