Interesting English Idioms Using Nationalities and Countries

Learn interesting English Idioms using nationalities and countries.

Idioms with Countries

Here is the list of common idioms about Countries with their meanings and examples:

1. Take French leave

Meaning: To leave work without permission

Example: The driver had taken French leave

2. To go Dutch

Meaning: to split the bill in a restaurant between everyone who ate together.

Example: Sally said she wouldn’t let a man pay for her meal on a first date. She prefers to go Dutch.

3. Dutch courage

Meaning: drinking a little alcohol to give you courage (bravery/confidence) before you have to do something.

Example: I think I’ll have a glass of whiskey for Dutch courage before I ask that girl if she wants to dance with me.

4. It’s all Greek to me

Meaning: this phrase is used when you don’t understand or have no knowledge on a topic.

Example: I tried to watch a TV show about physics last night, but I gave up. It was all Greek to me.

5. Chinese whispers

Meaning: This expression originally comes from a children’s game. It is often used as a metaphor for mistakes and inaccurate information which comes from rumours or gossip.

Example: All this talk about the President resigning is just Chinese whispers. There’s no truth to this rumour at all.

6. A Mexican Standoff

Meaning: This is expression is used when two groups can not agree on what to do next. Often used to describe a situation in business where there is gridlock.

Example: There seems to be a Mexican standoff in the talks as neither the buyer or seller can agree on a price.

7. When in Rome (do as Romans do)

Meaning: When you’re visiting a different country, you should behave like the people who live there.

Example: I don’t love cotton candy, but we are at a carnival. When in Rome, right?

8. Talk for England

Meaning: when someone can talk for hours and hours

Example: I’m so sorry I’m late. I couldn’t get away from Linda. She can talk for England!

9. Indian Summer (UK)

Meaning: a period in late autumn when the weather is unusually warm

Example: Much as I love this Indian Summer,  I wish we had this warm weather in the summer rather than in October.

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Interesting English Idioms Using Nationalities and CountriesPin

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