In the Kitchen Vocabulary: Kitchen Utensils & Cooking Verbs

Learn In the Kitchen Vocabulary in English.

There is no doubt, Kitchen is the Heart of the Home…!

In this lesson, you will learn:

  1. Kitchen Utensils & Appliances
  2. “Kitchen” verbs: Food Preparation Verbs or Cooking Verbs

In the Kitchen Vocabulary

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A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. So, let’s look around the kitchen and discover what it has and what do people often do in the kitchen…

Kitchen Utensils & Appliances

There are a lot of objects used in the kitchen:

  • Measuring Cup

Use a measuring cup to measure how much of each ingredient you need to use in the recipe. Many measuring cups are labeled in cups, ounces and milliliters.

  • Can Opener

There is also an automatic type called an electric can opener.

  • Peeler

Use a peeler to peel (remove the skin from) fruits and vegetables.

  • Grater

Use a grater to grate or shred food into small pieces.

  • Colander

A colander is often used to drain (remove the extra water) from cooked pasta.

  • Sieve / Strainer

A sieve or strainer is often used to separate liquids from solids.

  • Whisk

A whisk is used for mixing.

  • Ladle

A ladle is used for serving soup.

  • Pan

A pan is often used for frying food (cooking in oil).

  • Pot

A pot is often used for boiling food (cooking in water).

  • Baking Pan

A baking pan is used for baking (cooking things in the oven) foods such as cake and cookies. There is also a variation called a roasting pan that is used to cook meat.

  • Tongs

You can use tongs to pick up food.

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Food Preparation Verbs/ Cooking Verbs

Let’s check out some frequently used cooking verbs in English:

  • To add – To put ingredients together; to put one ingredient with the others.
  • To bake – To cook in an oven by using heat.
  • To beat – To mix quickly and continually, commonly used with eggs.
  • To blanch – To plunge tomatoes, nuts, etc., into boiling water to loosen the skin.To plunge (meat, green vegetables, etc.) in boiling water or bring to the boil in water in order to whiten, preserve the natural colour, or reduce or remove a bitter or salty taste.
  • To blend – Blend this all together with an electric mixer until completely mixed together.
  • To boil – To heat water until little bubbles form.
  • To break – To separate into smaller parts by force.
  • To broil – To cook meat or vegetables on a rack with an extremely high temperature.
  • To carve – To cut meat into slices.
  • To chop – To cut into small pieces, generally used with vegetables.
  • To combine – To put two or more things together.
  • To cook – To prepare food by heating it, so the food is not raw.
  • To crush – To cause to separate or flatten by extreme force, often used with garlic
  • To cut – To separate or divide by using a knife.
  • To grate – To divide into small parts by rubbing on a serrated surface, usually used with cheese.
  • To grease – To coat with oil or butter.
  • To grill – To cook by putting the food on a grill; similar to barbecue.
  • To melt – To make something become liquid through heating.
  • To mix – To combine two or more things using a spoon, spatula, or electric mixer….

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