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In the Kitchen Vocabulary in English

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Learn In the Kitchen vocabulary in English to expand your vocabulary.

In the Kitchen Vocabulary

Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary

  • Measuring Cup – Many measuring cups are labeled in cups, ounces and milliliters.
  • Can Opener – There is also an automatic type called an electric can opener.
  • Peeler – Use a peeler to peel (remove the skin from) fruits and vegetables.
  • Grater – Use a grater to grate or shred food into small pieces.
  • Colander – A colander is often used to drain (remove the extra water) from cooked pasta.
  • Sieve / Strainer – A sieve or strainer is often used to separate liquids from solids.
  • Whisk – A whisk is used for mixing.
  • Ladle – A ladle is used for serving soup.
  • Pan –A pan is often used for frying food (cooking in oil).
  • Pot –A pot is often used for boiling food (cooking in water).
  • Baking Pan – A baking pan is used for baking (cooking things in the oven) foods such as cake and cookies. There is also a variation called a roasting pan that is used to cook meat.
  • Tongs – You can use tongs to pick up food…


"In the Kitchen" Vocabulary in English

Kitchen Objects

  • Refrigerator – an appliance or compartment which is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink.
  • Cabinet – a cupboard with shelves or drawers for storing or displaying articles.
  • Cupboard – a recess or piece of furniture with a door and typically shelves, used for storage.
  • Microwave – an oven that uses microwaves to cook or heat food.
  • Gas range – a large cooking stove in which the combustion of gas is used as the source of heat.
  • Rice cooker – an appliance used for cooking food, typically consisting of an oven, hob, and grill and powered by gas or electricity.
  • Toaster – an electrical device for making toast.
  • Kettle – a container or device in which water is boiled, having a lid, spout, and handle.
  • Grill – a device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards for cooking food.
  • Pedal bin – a rubbish bin with a lid opened by means of a pedal.
  • Dinner table – a table on which dinner (or other food) is served and eaten.


Cups and Glasses Vocabulary

In the Kitchen Vocabulary in English 1

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