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English Idioms: Learn English Idioms with Topics

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An idiom is a phrase or expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Idioms can be difficult for non-native English speakers to understand as they often have a meaning that is different from the words that make them up.

This article is ideal for those who want to improve their understanding and use of idioms in the English language, especially when discussing certain topics.

Animals Idioms

Learn animals idioms in English.

As blind as a bat

  • Unable to see well

As gentle as a lamb

  • Being caring, calm

Straight from the horse’s mouth

  • Information that is obtained from the best possible authority on the matter.

As sly as a fox

  • The fox is considered to be a very cunning and deceptive animal and the phrase is derived from the same.

A copycat

  • The human tendency to duplicate.

Let the cat out of the bag

  • The phrase is used to ‘disclose a secret’.

Fight like a cat and dog

  • The phrase originates from the long-drawn enmity between cats and dogs as is used to suggest a confrontation between two people.

To kill two birds with one stone

  • To kill two birds with one stone denotes the accomplishment of two tasks with a single effort.

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Money Idioms

English idioms list related to money, Idioms About Money, idioms and meanings.

To foot the bill

  • To pay for something

Money talks

  • Rich people can get what they want

Be made of money

  • If you are made of money, you are a rich man

Banner Year

  • A year marked by strong successes

Money to burn

  • Extra money to spend however one likes

To cut your losses

  • To stop doing something for avoiding losing money

To make a killing

  • To earn a lot of money

Asound as a dollar

  • Very secure and dependable


  • Selling something for cash only and with no delivery

Get a run for one’s money

  • to receive a challenge, to receive what one deserves

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Sport Idioms

Learn Sports Idioms in English.

Get the Ball Rolling

  • Do something to begin a process

Against The Run Of Play

  • Atypical of the way a game has been going

Ballpark figure

  • A rough estimate

Throw in the Towel

  • To give up, admit defeat

Take the Gloves off

  • Negotiate in a more aggressive way

Play ball

  • Cooperate, agree to participate

Hit the Ground Running

  • To begin a job or project with no learning period needed

Heavy Hitter

  • A powerful, influential person

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Colors Idioms

Learn Colors Idioms in English

Red tape

  • Official or bureaucratic tasks

To be yellow

  • To be cowardly

To see red

  • To be very angry


  • Faint

Black and blue

  • Describe something that is badly bruised

Golden opportunity

  • The perfect chance

Have the blues

  • Be sad or depressed

Black sheep

  • A person who is a disgrace to a family or group

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English Idioms

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