How to Write an Effective Business Letter in English

How to write an effective business letter in English. The following lesson introduces the way to write a business letter properly with useful examples and ESL image.

How to Write a Business Letter


  • Business letters are formal paper communications between, to or from businesses
  • Business letters are sometimes called “snail-mail” (in contrast to email which is faster).
  • Business letters includes: Letter, Memo, Fax, Email

Who write business letters?

Letters are written from a person/group, known as the sender to a person/group, known in business as the recipient.

Some examples of senders and recipients:

  • business «» business
  • business «» consumer
  • job applicant «» company
  • citizen «» government official
  • employee «» employee
  • staff member «» staff member

Why write business letters?

  • To persuade
  • To inform
  • To request
  • To express thanks
  • To remind
  • To recommend
  • To apologize
  • To congratulate
  • To reject a proposal or offer
  • To introduce a person or policy
  • To invite or welcome
  • To follow up
  • To formalize decisions

Common Errors in Business Writing

Here are some common errors in business writing that you should notice:

1. Colloquialism 

Use of informal phrases in business writing is a major error.


  • Mr.brown kicked the bucket on x day.
  • Mr. Brown died on x day.

2. Dated

Writing Dated on is incorrect but is used commonly.

For example: 

  •  Thank you for writing the letter dated on 17-March-2010.(Incorrect)
  •  Thank you for writing the letter dated   17-March-2010.     (correct)

3. Over and More Than

The word over is used for describing a physical position.

For example, The bridge led over the pond.

  • Wrong usage: Over 50 males participated in the race.
  • Correction: More than 50 males participated in the race.

4. Wordy Expressions

Using wordy expressions when a small one can do, is another common mistake

For example: 

  •   Due to the fact that she was attending the meeting…
  • Or Since she was attending the meeting…

5. Possessive form and contractions

The possessive form of it is often mixed with its contraction.

For example: 

  • When is our next meeting. Please confirm its date. ( Correct )
  • When is our next meetingPlease confirm it’s date. ( Incorrect  )

How to Write An Effective Business Letter | Image

How to Write an Effective Business Letter

How to Write an Effective Business Letter

How to Write an Effective Business Letter

How to Write an Effective Business Letter in English 1

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Elenoa Dautei
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Thank you very much for giving us such an valuable information.I’m working as HRE so that i can learn all these things.

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