How to Use: Whatever, Whoever, Whenever, Wherever, Whichever & However

If we add -ever to wh-words like how, what, which, when, where and who, we change their meaning...

1. However

Meaning: “any way at all” or “it doesn’t matter how”


  • Aunt Amelia can’t give up smoking her cigarettes, however much she tried.

(This means that it’s not important how many times she tried to give up smoking.)

  • However sick Jared feels, he will still go for his daily jogging.

(It means that it doesn’t whether Jared feels a little sick or very sick.)

  •  However you look at it, it’s going to cost a lot.

2. Whatever

Meaning: “anything at all” or “it doesn’t matter what”   


  • Please take whatever you want from the fridge if you feel hungry. (anything at all that you want)
  • Whatever you do, don’t lose this key.
  • Whatever you do, try your best.

3. Whichever

Meaning: “any one at all” or “it doesn’t matter which”   


  • Bruce will wear his red or green sweater, whichever is clean.

(There is a choice between the red or green sweater, so I need to use whichever here. Whichever means one of the two.)

  • Whichever day you come, we will be pleased to see you.
  • Whichever date you choose for the barbecue, let me know a few days in advance so I can plan it in my schedule.

4. Whenever         

Meaning: "any time at all" or "it doesn’t matter when" 


  • John rides his bike whenever the weather is good.

(This means that at any time the weather is good, John takes out his bike to go for a ride.)

  • Whenever Josie feels like eating chocolate, she goes to the gym instead.

(So this means that when there is a time when Josie wants to eat chocolate, she goes to the gym.)

  • Whenever I go to London I feel like a provincial.

5. Wherever           

Meaning: "any place at all" or "it doesn’t matter where"               


  • You can use our international services wherever you are in the world.

(This means you can use the telephone card in any place. It doesn’t matter where you are.)

  • John takes a picture wherever he sees an interesting sculpture.
  • Wherever we are going, as long as we are together.

6. Whoever             

Meaning: "any person at all" or "it doesn’t matter who"


  • Whoever has eaten the last piece of cake is welcome to bake a new one.

(This means that it doesn’t matter which person ate the cake. It can be any person. But that person is the one we mean.)

  • Whoever made this cake is a real artist.

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How to Use: Whatever, Whoever, Whenever, Wherever, Whichever & However

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