How to Use DO & GO and PLAY with Sports and Activities

This lesson will show you how to use DO & GO and PLAY with sports and activities in English.

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How to Use DO & GO and PLAY with Sports


Do is generally used for different kinds of exercise to strengthen your body

  • Do aerobics
  • Do exercise
  • Do push-ups
  • Do sit-ups
  • Do yoga
  • Do a warm-up


  • “I start doing yoga after work from now on.”
  • “My father often gets up early to do exercise.”


Go is used for activities that you can do alone or with others. It is also used with activities that end -ing. We go somewhere to do something:

  • Go bowling
  • Go camping
  • Go cycling
  • Go dancing
  • Go fishing
  • Go golfing
  • Go hiking
  • Go ice-skating
  • Go running
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go snow boarding
  • Go surfing
  • Go swimming


  • ‘I’m going fishing on Sunday.’
  • ‘Are you going skiing this winter?’
  • ‘She said she was going swimming.’


We use Play for ball sports or competitive team sports.

  • Play badminton
  • Play baseball
  • Play basketball
  • Play football
  • Play hockey
  • Play ping pong
  • Play soccer
  • Play squash
  • Play tennis
  • Play volleyball


  • “How often do you play tennis?” – Tennis is a ball sport.
  • “We will have a soccer match this weekend” – Soccer is a competitive game. We play to win.

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How to Use DO & GO and PLAY with Sports

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