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How to Say HELLO in Different Languages…!

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How to say HELLO in different languages…! Saying “hello” is a basic form of greeting in any language and it is an important phrase to know when traveling or communicating with people from different cultures. Learning to say hello in different languages can help to break the ice and show respect for the culture of the person you are interacting with. There are many ways to say hello in different languages, and each one has its own unique pronunciation and cultural context. Whether you’re traveling, studying a new language, or simply trying to expand your global communication skills, learning to say hello in various languages is a great place to start.

Different Ways to Say HELLO

Learn the ways of greeting in different languages around the world:

1. Hi (English)

2. Dobre rano (Czech)

3. Halo (Indonesian)

4. Witaj (Polish)

5. Assalamou Alykoum (Islam)

6. Hej (Danish)

7. Selam (Turkish)

8. Kalimera (Greek)

9. Word (Slang)

10. Buon giorno (Italian)

11. Howdy (Southern US)

12. Li-ho (Taiwanese)

13. Boas ( Portuguese)

14. Shalom (Hebrew)

15. Servus (Australian)

16. Tja (Swedish)

17. Bonjour (French)

18. Yo (Slang)

19. Ello-hay (Pig Latin)

20. Aloha (Hawaiian)

21. Konnichiwa (Japanese)

22. Zdrasti (Bulgarian)

23. What’s shakin’? (Slang)

24. Selamat datang (Malaysian)

25. Namaste (Hindi)

26. Sawubona (Zulu)

27. Choni (Kurdish)

28. Hola (Spanish)

29. Privet (Russian)

30. What’s up (Slang)

31. Ni hao (Chinese)

32. Ahoy  (Pirate)

33. Ha’u (Hopi)

34. Xin chào (Việt Nam)

35. G’Day (Aussie)

36. Ahnyong (Korean)

37. O’siyo (Cherokee)

38. Sveikas (Lithuanian)

39. Barev (Armenian)

40. Yatasay (Apache)

41. How’s it going? (Salng)

42. Shwmae (Welsh)

43. Ya’at’eeh (Najavo)

44. Namaskara (Kannada)

45. Kaixo (Basque)

46. Moin (German)

47. Hei (Finnish)

48. Salaam Alekum (Arabic)

49. Dia Duit (Gaelic)

50. Jambo (Swahili)

Different Ways to Say HELLO | Image

Different Ways to Say HELLO | Image



Thursday 9th of March 2023

That's educative.

Tsiou tsiou

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

Kalimera doesn't mean hello. It means good morning. Ya means hello in greek

bi bi

Friday 13th of November 2020

in Czech is not "Dobr ràno" which means Good Morning. Hello is AHOJ , NAZDAR, or Čau :)


Tuesday 14th of April 2020

I am brazilian and live in Portugal, we don't say "boas"... we say "oi" or "olá" or "alô"

Jakub Zelenka

Monday 9th of July 2018

In Czech "Dobre rano" stands for Good Morning. Hello is "Ahoj" or more formal "Dobry den".