How to Say HELLO in Different Languages…!

Learn ways to say HELLO in different languages with ESL images. If you are bored with saying “hello,” here are a few ways to mix it up!

30 Useful English Greetings for English Learners | Video

Different Ways to Say HELLO

Learn the ways of greeting in different languages around the world:

1. Hi (English)

2. Dobre rano (Czech)

3. Halo (Indonesian)

4. Witaj (Polish)

5. Assalamou Alykoum (Islam)

6. Hej (Danish)

7. Selam (Turkish)

8. Kalimera (Greek)

9. Word (Slang)

10. Buon giorno (Italian)

11. Howdy (Southern US)

12. Li-ho (Taiwanese)

13. Boas ( Portuguese)

14. Shalom (Hebrew)

15. Servus (Australian)

16. Tja (Swedish)

17. Bonjour (French)

18. Yo (Slang)

19. Ello-hay (Pig Latin)

20. Aloha (Hawaiian)

21. Konnichiwa (Japanese)

22. Zdrasti (Bulgarian)

23. What’s shakin’? (Slang)

24. Selamat datang (Malaysian)

25. Namaste (Hindi)

26. Sawubona (Zulu)

27. Choni (Kurdish)

28. Hola (Spanish)

29. Privet (Russian)

30. What’s up (Slang)

31. Ni hao (Chinese)

32. Ahoy  (Pirate)

33. Ha’u (Hopi)

34. Xin chào (Việt Nam)

35. G’Day (Aussie)

36. Ahnyong (Korean)

37. O’siyo (Cherokee)

38. Sveikas (Lithuanian)

39. Barev (Armenian)

40. Yatasay (Apache)

41. How’s it going? (Salng)

42. Shwmae (Welsh)

43. Ya’at’eeh (Najavo)

44. Namaskara (Kannada)

45. Kaixo (Basque)

46. Moin (German)

47. Hei (Finnish)

48. Salaam Alekum (Arabic)

49. Dia Duit (Gaelic)

50. Jambo (Swahili)

Different Ways to Say HELLO | Image

Different Ways to Say HELLO | Image

How to Say HELLO in Different Languages...! 1

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3 years ago

Servus is not Australian . We say hello , or hi , oreven sometimes howdy .

Blanc Ronaldo
Blanc Ronaldo
3 years ago

So good

3 years ago

We say “Merhaba” in Turkish.

2 years ago

Please add Vanakkam in Tamil

2 years ago

Thank you..
your website is really helpful for us to learn English and i have how to say Hi in tamil. I’m learning tamil also because it is a classical language and one of the world’s most oldest language that’s why.

2 years ago

Thank you
Your website is really helpful for us to learn English and i have a doubt How to say Hi in Tamil. Actually i am learning Tamil also it is a classical language and also one of most oldest language in the world.

Jakub Zelenka
Jakub Zelenka
2 years ago

In Czech “Dobre rano” stands for Good Morning. Hello is “Ahoj” or more formal “Dobry den”.

9 months ago

I am brazilian and live in Portugal, we don’t say “boas”… we say “oi” or “olá” or “alô”

bi bi
bi bi
2 months ago

in Czech is not “Dobr ràno” which means Good Morning. Hello is AHOJ , NAZDAR, or Čau 🙂

Tsiou tsiou
Tsiou tsiou
1 month ago

Kalimera doesn’t mean hello. It means good morning. Ya means hello in greek

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