How to Express Agreement, Partial Agreement or Disagreement in English

The list below provides useful words and phrases to express agreement, partial agreement and disagreement in English.

Expressing Agreement

  • I completely/absolutely agree with you.
  • There is no doubt about it that…
  • I couldn’t agree more.
  • I completely agree.
  • Absolutely,
  • Exactly
  • Of course
  • You are absolutely right.
  • Yes, I agree
  • I think so too.
  • That’s good point.
  • I don’t think so either.
  • So do i
  • I’d go along with that
  • That’s true.
  • Neither do I
  • I agree with you entirely
  • That’s just what I was thinking.
  • I couldn’t agree more.

Expressing Partial Agreement

  • I agree up to a point, but…
  • That’s true, but…
  • You could be right.
  • It sounds interesting, but…
  • I see your point, but…
  • That’s partly true, but…
  • I’m not sure about that.
  • It is only partly true that…
  • I can’t agree with that only with reservations.
  • That seems obvious, but…
  • That is not necessarily so.
  • It is not as simple as it seems.
  • Yes, OK, but perhaps..
  • I see what you mean but have you thought about..
  • I hear what you’re saying but..
  • I accept what you’re saying but…
  • True enough but….
  • On the whole, I agree with you but…
  • I agree with you principle, but…
  • I agree with you in part, but…
  • Well, you could be right.
  • To some extent, I agree with you, but…

Expressing Disagreement

  • I can’t share this/that/the view.
  • I totally disagree.
  • No way!(slang)
  • I’m afraid I can’t agree with you.
  • To be honest…
  • On the contrary.(formal)
  • It’s out of the question.
  • That’s different.
  • I don’t agree with you.
  • However…
  • That’s not entirely true.
  • I’m sorry to disagree with you, but…
  • Yes, but I don’t think…
  • That’s not the same thing at all.
  • I’m afraid I have to disagree.
  • I’m not sure about that.
  • I must take issue with you on that.
  • It’s unjustifiable to say that…
  • What I object to is…

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How to Express Agreement, Partial Agreement or Disagreement in English 1

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