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How to Describe People in English: Appearance, Character Traits and Emotions

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Learn how to describe people in English including appearance, character traits and emotions.

How to Describe People in English

An adjective is a describing word, the main syntactic role of which is to qualify a noun or noun phrase, giving more information about the object signified.

In this lesson, we will learn useful Adjectives to describe people in three ways:

1. Describing someone’s appearance

2. Describing someone’s character and personality

3. Describing someone’s feelings & emotions

How to Describe a Person in English

how to describe people

1. Describing Someone’s Appearance

Appearance is defined as the way someone or something looks.

This is list of adjectives to describe a person’s appearance:

  • beautiful (My younger sister is very beautiful.)
  • handsome (He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever met.)
  • cute (That’s a cute little baby.)
  • thin (She was looking pale and thin.)
  • tall (She’s tall and thin.)
  • chubby (She was eleven years old and pretty in a chubby sort of way.)
  • muscular (He was tall, lean and muscular.)
  • attractive (The actress is an attractive woman.)

how to describe people

2. Describing Someone’s Character and Personality

Character traits are qualities or characteristics that describe what a person is like. It’s important to be able to describe your own personality or someone else’s.

Here is a list of English Adjectives to describe someone’s personality.

  • polite (Please be polite to our guests.)
  • friendly (Everyone was very friendly towards me.)
  • honest (He was a hard-working honest man.)
  • generous (She’s always very generous to the kids.)
  • rude (She was very rude about my driving.)
  • lazy (He is the laziest boy in the class.)
  • angry (I was very angry with myself for making such a stupid mistake.)

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

3. Describing Someone’s Feelings & Emotions

Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how you feel. This vocabulary list helps you narrow down exactly what word best expresses your current emotional state.

  • terrified (She looked at him with wide, terrified eyes.)
  • exhausted (You look absolutely exhausted.)
  • scared (People are scared to use the buses late at night.)
  • nervous (She was so nervous about her exams that she couldn’t sleep.)
  • embarrassed (She’s embarrassed about her height.)

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people

how to describe people


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