“Household Devices & Appliances” Vocabulary in English

Household Devices & Appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooling/heating, cooking or cleaning...

  • Air conditioner: a device that cools and dries the air in one room or an entire home (central air conditioning).
  • Radiator: heats a room when hot water passes through the device.
  • Thermostat / heat pump control panel: a device used to set the temperature of an air conditioner, heater or heat pump.
  • Electric fan: a device with metal or plastic blades that move in a circle and cools and circulates air.
  • Space heater: a small electric device that is used to heat a single room or area of a large space.
  • Water heater: a large tank that holds and heats the water used in the house.
  • Desk lamp: a small lamp used to provide light to a particular area to make it easier to see what one's working on.
  • Flat screen television: a television that has a flat screen.
  • Vacuum cleaner: a machine used to clean floors, carpets and rugs by sucking up crumbs, dirt and other particles.
  • Iron: uses heat and/or steam to press out wrinkles in clothing.
  • Washing machine: cleans clothes and other materials with water and soap and then spins the water out so that they can dry more quickly.
  • Clothes dryer / dryer: a machine that is used to dry and remove lint (small particles of cloth) from clothing.
  • Dish washer: a machine that washes and dries dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans.
  • Stove and oven: used to cook food using heat (either powered by electricity or gas).
  • Refrigerator & freezer: an appliance that keeps food preserved with cold air. The refrigerator uses cool air and the freezer uses very cold air to freeze the food.
  • Deep fryer: a machine that fries foods in very hot oil

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“Household Devices & Appliances” Vocabulary in English

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