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English Grammar: Composite Adjectives

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What Is a Compound Adjective? Composite adjectives/ Compound adjectives with numbers.

Composite Adjectives in English

  • In English, we can make a hyphenated adjective (compound adjective) with a number and a noun.

The noun after the hyphen will always be singularNOT plural!

The Empire State Building has 102 stories.

=> It’s a 102-story building.

  • Numbers below should be written as words:

There are nine men on the team.

=> It’s a nine-man team.

Two cars fit in my garage.

=> It’s a two-car garage.

  • Sometimes three words are hyphenated together, especially with OLD:

My daughter is three years old.

=> She’s a three-year-old girl.

The building is thirty years old.

=> It’s a 30-year-old building.

Composite Adjectives in English | Image

Composite Adjectives in English