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Frequently Used Phrasal Verbs with OVER in English

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Commonly Used Expressions and Phrasal Verbs with OVER.

Phrasal Verbs with OVER

1. Carry over

Meaning: To transport over by carrying

E.g. We carried this house model over the bridge.

2. Carry over

Meaning: To transfer (something) to a later point in time

E.g. The rent was carried over to December.

3. Change over

Meaning: To make a transition from one system to another

E.g. The farm has changed over to organic methods.

4. Check over

Meaning: To read and look for errors

E.g. Check over your work for mistakes.

5. Come over

Meaning: To suddenly feel something

E.g. I come over all shy whenever I see her.

6. Come over

Meaning: To change ones position or location

E.g. His parents came over from Ireland during the famine.

7. Fall over

Meaning: To hit your foot against something when you are walking and fall

E.g. I rushed for the door and fell over the cat in the hallway.

8. Fall over

Meaning: To stop working suddenly

E.g. My computer keeps falling over.

9. Hand over

Meaning: Give something to somebody with your hands

E.g. The captured thief was ordered to hand over his gun.

10. Hand over

Meaning: To give power or control to someone else

E.g. When he retired, he handed the company over to his son.

11. Hang over

Meaning: To be threatening, to be imminent

E.g. A shadow of doubt hung over my academic future.

12. Make over

Meaning: To convert to a different use

E.g. We’re going to make over the garage into a guest suite.

13. Make over

Meaning: To change appearance

E.g. The beauty salon is going to make over Cindy tomorrow.

14. Pass over

Meaning: To by pass or skip (something)

E.g. They chose to pass over her rude remarks.

15. Pull over

Meaning: Drive to the side of the road and stop your car

E.g. When she noticed the police car behind her, she pulled over.

16. Run over

Meaning: To exceed the allotted time

E.g. The previous presentation ran over and ours had to start late.

17. Run over

Meaning: To cross by running

E.g. The athletes must run over the bridge to reach the finish line.

18. Run over

Meaning: To drive over, causing injury or death

E.g. Can you believe somebody would just run over a cat like that?

19. Run over

Meaning: Explain or practice something quickly

E.g. Let me run over the main ideas again.

20. Run over

Meaning: Hit somebody/something with a vehicle and drive over them

E.g. He was run over by a bus outside the school.

21. Sleep over

Meaning: Sleep at somebody’s house for a night

E.g. The children visited their grandmother and wanted to sleep over.

22. Stay over

Meaning: Stay overnight in a place away from one’s home

E.g. We have a spare bed if you want to stay over.

23. Take over

Meaning: Take control of something

E.g. His real intention was to take over the company.

24. Watch over

Meaning: To guard and protect

E.g. She stayed up all night to watch over the sick infant.

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Phrasal Verbs with OVER


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