Frequently Used Phrasal Verbs in English: Relationships and Travelling

Phrasal verbs for Dating, Relationships and Travelling.

Phrasal Verbs for Relationships | Relationships and Travelling

List of Useful Phrasal Verbs for Relationships in English

1. Fall for

  • Meaning: Begin to be in love with someone
  • Example: They fell for each other instantly.

2. Go out

  • Meaning: Date someone
  • Example: I used to go out with Tom.

3. Make up

  • Meaning: Forgive each other after an argument or disagreement
  • Example: Has he made it up with her yet?

4. Split up

  • Meaning: End a relationship
  • Example: She’s split up with her boyfriend.

5. Break up

  • Meaning: End a relationship
  • Example: Their marriage has broken up.

6. Look up to

  • Meaning: Respect and admire someone
  • Example: I’ve always looked up to Thomas for his courage and determination.

7. Fall out

  • Meaning: Argue with someone and stop being friendly with them
  • Example: It was the first time Bill and I had fallen out.

8. Put down

  • Meaning: Say bad things about someone; to insult
  • Example: I hate the way Dave puts me down the whole time.

9. Put up with

  • Meaning: Tolerate; accept an unpleasant situation without complaining
  • Example: She put up with his violent temper.

Phrasal Verbs for Relationships | Relationships and TravellingPin

Phrasal Verbs for Travelling | Relationships and Travelling

List of Useful Phrasal Verbs for TRAVEL

1. See off

  • Meaning: Go to the airport or station to say goodbye to someone
  • Example: They’ve gone to the airport to see their son off.

2. Set off

  • Meaning: Start a journey
  • Example: We set off for Paris just after ten.

3. Get in

  • Meaning: Arrive (train, plane)
  • Example: The train got in late.

4. Hold up

  • Meaning: Delay when travelling
  • Example: Sorry I’m late – I was held up at work.

5. Take off

  • Meaning: When a plane departs or leaves the ground
  • Example: The plane took off an hour late.

6. Check in

  • Meaning: Arrive and register at a hotel or airport
  • Example: Please check in at least an hour before departure.

7. Get off

  • Meaning: Leave a bus, train, plane
  • Example: We get off at the next station.

8. Check out

  • Meaning: Leave the hotel after paying
  • Example: We checked out at noon.

9. Get away

  • Meaning: To have a holiday or vacation
  • Example: We’re hoping to get away for a few days at Easter.

10. Get on

  • Meaning: Enter a bus, train, plane, to climb on board
  • Example: I think we got on the wrong bus.

11. Drop off

  • Meaning: Take someone to a place and leave them there
  • Example: I’ll drop you off on my way home.

12. Pick up

  • Meaning: Let someone get into your car and take them somewhere
  • Example: I’ll pick you up at the station.

13. Set out

  • Meaning: Start a journey, especially a long journey
  • Example: They set out on the last stage of their journey.

14. Speed up

  • Meaning: Increase speed
  • Example: Can you try and speed things up a bit?

15. Look around

  • Meaning: Explore what is near you, in your area
  • Example: People came out of their houses and looked around.

16. Hurry up

  • Meaning: Rush and not waste time
  • Example: Hurry up! We’re going to be late.

17. Go back

  • Meaning: Go the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye
  • Example: Dave and I go back twenty years.

18. Look forward

  • Meaning: Look forward to something that is going to happen in the future
  • Example: I’m looking forward to the weekend.

19. Stop over

  • Meaning: Stay somewhere for a short time during a long journey
  • Example: I wanted to stop over in India on the way to Australia.

Phrasal Verbs for Travelling | Relationships and TravellingPin

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