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Farm Animals Vocabulary in English

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Learn Farm Animals Vocabulary through picture, video and examples in English.

Farm or Domestic Animals are animals that are not wild and kept as a pet or to produce food…Farm animals may live on a working farm or they may be pets in someone’s backyard. Although farm animals are not your typical pet, they can be very affectionate and bond with their humans.

Farm Animals Vocabulary (with example)

  • Cow

If you sell the cow, you sell her milk too.

  • Rabbit

The rabbit hopped across the field.

  • Duck

A duck will not always dabble in the same gutter.

  • Shrimp

The shrimp growers are too powerful to be touched.

  • Pig

They have a large pig farm.

  • Goat

If the beard were all, the goat might preach.

  • Crab

A crab moves sideways.

  • Deer

The deer in the forest are all dying off from disease.

  • Bee

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

  • Sheep

Every time the sheep bleats it loses a mouthful.

  • Fish

All cats love fish but fear to wet their paws.

  • Horse

A good horse cannot be of a bad colour.

  • Chicken

Don’t count your chicken before they are hatched.

  • Dove

The dove is a symbol of peace.

  • Turkey

The turkey is basted to keep it from drying out.

Farm Animals Vocabulary | Picture

Farm Animals Vocabulary