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Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary in English

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Learn Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary in English.

Stationery is a mass noun referring to commercially manufactured writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous stationery….

Stationery and Office Supplies

Office and Stationery Supplies Vocabulary

  • appointment book
  • ball-point pen
  • clamp binder
  • clip
  • clipboard
  • correction fluid
  • correction tape
  • dater
  • desk pad
  • desk tray
  • eraser
  • expanding files
  • fastener binder
  • filing box
  • folder
  • fountain pen
  • glue stick
  • hanging folder
  • label maker
  • letter opener
  • letter scales
  • magic marker
  • paper
  • paper clips
  • paper punch
  • pen
  • pencil
  • pencil sharpener
  • ring binder
  • rotary file
  • rubber stamp
  • ruler
  • self-adhesive labels
  • stamp rack
  • staple remover
  • stapler
  • staples
  • tape
  • tape dispenser

Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary in English

Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary in English 1


Arun Kumar

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

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Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

Hello. What about the container where you can put the stationery in? How do you say it?