Learn English Vocabulary: Places in the City

Learn English Vocabulary for places in the city in English.

Places in the City 

  • gallery

a place for the exhibition of artistic work

  • bus station

to travel by bus you go to the bus station

  • school

where children learn

  • church

A religious place of Christian worship

  • airport

to travel by plane you need to go to the airport

  • hotel

a place that provides lodging and usually meals and other services for travelers

  • library

you can buy or borrow books here

  • museum

a place where objects of historical, artistic, or scientific interest are exhibited, preserved, or studied

  • park

a public area kept in its natural state and usually reserved for the enjoyment and recreation of visitor where children can play or you can walk your dog

  • cinema

where you can see movies

  • restaurant

you can eat something in a restaurant

  • hospital

a place for ill people when they need an operation or when someone is going to have a baby

  • pharmacy

a place where drugs are sold

  • police station

the headquarters of a unit of a police force, where those under arrest are first charged

  • post office

a place where postage stamps are sold and other postal business is conducted

  • railway station

where you can buy a ticket and travel by train

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