English Vocabulary: Parts of Your Body

Let’s Explore Different Parts of your Body in English.

This lesson will cover English vocabulary for the human body parts as follows:

Parts of Your Body in English

Parts of the Human Body – Video

1. Parts of the Head

      1.1. Parts of the Eyes

      1.2. Parts of the Mouth

2. Parts of the Hand

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Parts of the Head

  • hair

The mass of things like fine threads that grows on your head

  • temple

One of the two fairly flat areas on each side of your forehead

  • ear

One of the organs on either side of your head that you hear with

  • ear lobe

The soft piece of flesh at the bottom of your ear

  • cheek

The soft round part of your face below each of your eyes

  • mouth

The part of your face which you put food into, or which you use for speaking

  • forehead

The part of your face above your eyes and below your hair

  • eye

One of the two parts of the body that you use to see with

  • nose

The part of a person’s or animal’s face used for smelling or breathing

  • nostril

One of the two holes at the end of your nose, through which you breathe and smell things

  • chin

The front part of your face below your mouth

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Parts of the Eyes

  • eyebrow

The line of hair above your eye

  • eyelid

A piece of skin that covers your eye when it is closed

  • eyelash

One of the small hairs that grow along the edge of your eyelids

  • iris

The round coloured part of your eye, that surrounds the black pupil

  • pupil

The small black round area in the middle of your eye

  • cornea

The transparent protective covering on the outer surface of your eye

  • white

The white part of your eye

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Parts of the Mouth

  • lip

One of the two soft parts around your mouth where your skin is redder or darker

  • tongue

The soft part inside your mouth that you can move about and use for eating and speaking

  • molar

One of the large teeth at the back of the mouth that are used for breaking up food

  • palate

the roof of your mouth

  • teeth

The hard white objects in your mouth that you use to bite and eat food

  • uvula

A small soft piece of flesh which hangs down from the top of your mouth at the back

  • gum

Your gums are the two areas of firm pink flesh at the top and bottom of your mouth, in which your teeth are fixed

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Parts of the Hand

  • nail

your nails are the hard smooth layers on the ends of your fingers

  • middle finger

The longest finger on your hand

  • ring finger

The finger, next to the smallest finger on your hand, that you traditionally wear your wedding ring on

  • little finger

The smallest finger on your hand

  • palm

The inside surface of your hand, in which you hold things

  • wrist

The part of your body where your hand joins your arm

  • forefinger

The finger next to your thumb

  • knuckle

Your knuckles are the joints in your fingers, including the ones where your fingers join your hands

  • thumb

The part of your hand that is shaped like a thick short finger and helps you to hold things

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